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To begin, I am amazed how many birthdays are shown by members as August 18. While viewing some of the birthday profiles I noticed that a large number of members never returned after April / May of 2021. Taking a random selection of people, from 100 profiles 81 percent never returned after the indicated date. I found 17 percent never returned after the year 2012 and only 2 percent are still active. I can assume perhaps it was Covid that may have been the culprit, however, I would like to hear what other members views might be.
The Swinger Rapture
When did they start charging?
The PLOT thickens. After a little more research, I also noticed that there are 55 pages of 8/18 birthdays, and everyone became a member sometime during the year 2002. I believe the numbers are skewed by Swingular. Guess I need to see if the numbers still work out on a few other birthdays.
We have been here almost since day one, and we can say there are few factores that have affected swinging, not just on this site, but in general here in utah. I remember the golden days, where we had parties of 500 t0 600 people, most playing at some point during the night, people less judgemental, and from different shapes and colors getting together to have fun and explore... real open swingers in utah are in extintion and most have moved out of this websites. who took over the majority here? well the unsecure, the ones that are not sure what they want out the life style after few years, the husbands pushing the wifes, the eternal "we are just curious" the ones that look like barney and expect to play with kent and barbie, the kent and barbie who are looking for the gods to decend from mount olympus. in the past most people was inclusive, and freindly, they wanted for everyone to feel welcome and confortable, it was polite to introduced everyone to everyone, and spend sometime talking to get to know everyone, in our days you cant even get a "hi how are you" without being on people's exclusive, tight, and almost hard to get social cyrcle.
Everyone questioning this site…should get an account on k-a-s-i-d-i-e. The people are more real and the site is well maintained, IMO.
Looking4lust wrote:

The best I can tell is that Swingular admin did a huge reset in 2021. The owners appear to have decided to walk away from the site, from the aspect of maintenance, but attempted to go national for the sake of longevity. Too that end a lot of "out of state" fake profiles were either created or old unused profiles were repurposed. The owners tried to hired admin but then just turned it over to robots and a server maintenance company.
My proof? Its all circumstantial. My wife and I paid for a permanent membership back in 2010. We moved back East for 4 years in 2015 and put our account on hold. When we returned, we found we could not access our account, which is why we use a free temp account, when we feel like playing. After multiple attempts to contact the admin failed, we realized that no humans are in charge.
Since we have been back to Utah, we have seen our old account pop up 4 times as active but it’s not us.
Thats pretty damning!
There is too much truth to what you say. We have another account, still active but seldom used that was part of the first group to join this sight. We got to know ROB, the owner and had a lot of fun at the numerous lifestyle parties held at various clubs in the SLC valley. They were always sponsored by ROB and his wife and were usually packed. We met a lot of wonderful people, had tons of fun and always were online in the chat room, that is when we could get in. Lifestyles and sights like this had a whole different outlook on what and wasn't acceptable and how to participate. Rob was the one that gave us our VIP status and was always at the parties. I can remember the parties and websites often being on the news at night and sometimes police waiting outside the venue hoping to catch someone doing an inappropriate thing. I miss those days and the people that were around this area back then.
That's the pot calling the kettle black. Lol! All the reasons that you described in this forum about the clicks and stuck up people is exactly what's in your profile. Sounds like you have your own click just like everyone else.
That explains the sudden exodus from swingular. Other websites are better maintained and possibly have better quality of people. Sounds like swingular will be ghost town soon.