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There is a new speakeasy in the Marmalade district in Salt Lake with burlesque shows at Kennedy’s Cabaret. The Ladies from Poler’s Cove are performing tonight. Doors open 8. It should be a sexy good time.
That sounds very cool and fun!
Do you need reservations?
Performers are really good. Next Friday we will be attending with a group of LS friends!
No reservations needed. Its a cabaret bar. Its fairly new.

Thank you to those that showed up last night!
It’s amazing
We are excited about this! Unfortunately we won't be able to make it this weekend, but have enjoyed the burlesque shows at prohibition, and are looking forward to a new place.
Is this open every night? Never been, but definitely want to check it out.
Its really new and Kennedy is expanding the days open and lineup as performers are hired. This week it open Tuesday through Saturday . Kennedy has info on her instagram @kennedyscabaret.

See @glass_pyrex insta for the Mrs’ schedule.

The bar has a back room that would be ideal for meeting other LS people or in the front where the performance happens . It easily could be a LS meeting place. Many of the performers are known in the LS community.
The next Redemption show is Oct 14 weekend for a Boolesque show… heavily Halloween Themed.

Until then they are at Kennedy’s.

The instas

Have more info about Redemption shows and schedules.
Crazmaticple wrote:

It sounds like it should be a party at Kennedy’s tonight. We look forward to seeing you there. Pleaee stop by and say “hi”.
Party really won’t start until 10:00 😀!
We really liked Prohibition so we thought we’d check this place out. Looks sexy. Let us know if you’d like to say hi!
We'll be at a shibari class tonight. Maybe we'll stop by afterward!
We'll have to check this place out for sure! We love prohibition
Looking at our schedule, we may hit the Cabaret Thursday night, if there is a any kind of show that night.
We will be at Kennedy’s Cabaret tonight. Come on by and say hi.
We will be at Kennedy’s Cabaret tonight. Come on by and say hi.
We are there now! Come on down and support this amazing business and these amazing performers!
What nights is the performances?
We'll be up there this weekend and excited to check it out.
I am performing tonight at Kennedys. It will be a fantastic show.
Stop by tonight for the show!
Also, Redemption canceled our Boolesque Halloween show, the authorities said it was too sexy. Will post update on Halloween show soon.
Happy Thanksgiving! We will be at Kennedy’s Cabaret tonight after 9 PM. Come down and meet us. Would love to hang out with new abd old acquaintances.
Never been. Whats the vibe? Attire?
It’s styled like a speakeasy with red walls and chocolate leather seating, there are different sort of acts. There will be a mix of comedians and dancers tonight. Wear what you want to wear. The outside is nondescript, it the inside is cool.
Definitely curious and interested! Parking? Cover? Alcohol? Thanks for sharing!
WildFreeUT wrote:

Definitely curious and interested! Parking? Cover? Alcohol? Thanks for sharing!
It's a bar so alcohol can be purchased. There usually is a cover. The parking is decent won't have any problems and it's free. Dancers are great.