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Imagine posting a classified and waiting for potential suitors to respond via snail mail!
Classifieds (sorry, not trying to dox anyone’s parents or grandparents 😂)
Oh the good ole days before social media. Miss those
Wow that would take a lot of effort. Imaging getting your pictures taken and waiting a week while the toll of film is getting developed at the local pharmacy, writing a full bio by hand and mailing it off..
We used to just go to the local gay bar and meet other swingers.
At the time, my wife and I used to put ads in
Talk And Play Yellow Pages produced by Cindy Rae.
You would give her a picture and your written ad and then wait for the magazine to come out monthly at your local adult store.

She would also develop x-rated film for us. Those were the days 😐
Good old days, they were still around in 1997 when we first took a look at the LS and actually played with some couple we met from 2 or 3 paper publications. Last paper publication I got was West Coast Swinger around 2011 but they were hybrid Online/Print so met couples online.

But they were no match for the internet as not only made it easier for people to connect, it also made it easier for people to access LS resources and it played a big role in attracting new enthusiasts. AFF was created by accident when back in 1996, the webmaster of a vanilla dating site noticed that there was a great deal of people interested in adventurous sexual acrobatics on his vanilla dating site.