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We received this message in our inbox. What a joke!

Has anyone else gotten this bogus email? How did these scammers find us on Swingular? We will not be clicking on any link!

"Hello this is BLAIR, im one of the customer service representative of the dating/hookup site your a member on. We detected that your account is recieving a lot a of spam messages by the Scammers and you are sending your contact information which is prohibited. To avoid being Scammed cause we have been dealing a lot of our members who were scammed. These scammers will ask to get a HOOK UP BADGE/ID or a VERIFICATION PROCESS / SECURITY QUESTIONS before meeting up, that is just a scam cause those will ask ur bank information and once u provided it, you card will be charged continuously. Sowe are dealing with the problem by asking the members like you to report those people so we can kick/ban them to the site.
To help us catch those scammers/catfish on the site we ask you to Upgrade Your Account and Report Suspicious members to us directly. You just need to do and provide some information on site thru our LINK provided by the admin bellow and follow the instruction:
INSTRUCTION: Click the link and fill the needed details, once your done u will see an Approved box on ur screen then you are done. After that your account is now Secured by the Admin and u wont recieve a Spam/Robot or Scammers messages again.
HERE CLICK THIS LINK >>>> https://Freelifetimeaccess5.Wixsite.com/freeaccess <<<<<< VerifiedByTheAdminOnly
NOTE:Card details is required cause you can easily fake a profile but not a bank card so the site require members to use a bank card to verify ur info if it matched up and to Upgrade your account for $.99cents only. Use this code on the third page if you want it to be FREE QX3G94.
Approved By The Dating Site"
Not seen that but that’s crazy!
Yes, same exact one. Just moved along
Didn't get that email, but did get a message from a Blair, i.e. Blairsmair:

"Hey there I am new here and want to try something new so hit me at BlAIRSTephS072 AttTT GM.EYlL ok so added you to my fave coz I am nearby"

And by nearby the profile lists Sacramento...so as close to me as it is legit.

Scammers seem to come and go in waves on this site. Honestly, they don't seem as bad on here as they do on most sites. I think the combo of it being a smaller community and largely free, means there's fewer people and ways to try and scam them.
It's pretty obvious after reading the scam that it is in fact scammers. Sorry to say they will scam some trusting friends here. I've been scammed, not here though, and it has happened I'm sure to much more knowledgeable peeps than myself. I'm feeling grateful for the maintenance this site provides! I've had very, very little problems with Swingular ... thanks Guys :)
Gullibility is how these guys make money and they do a good job at leaving no stone uncovered. Hopefully people see the signs of these types of scams and avoid them.
Blair pmed me too like mrmaverick. Except she was in Nebraska.