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We are headed to Palm Springs. We have gone to Sea Mountain Inn, but not to Erotic Dreams Resort. We like the idea of being closer to town for EDR and the fact that the hotel can accommodate more people. We like the (pretty much mandatory) nudity at Sea Mountain and love watching and being watched in the open and open playing with others. Recommendations/thoughts on Sea Mountain versus EDR re: vibe and quality? Thanks.
We would also love to hear about the contrasts and comparisons. Please add Tuscany Manor to the list too.

We have been to both. While SMI is fun and more intimate, it is way more expensive and smaller. EDR, is much larger and better priced.

At this point, we would go back to EDR.
We have been to both Sea Mountain and EDR. Both are fun and have their own appeal. Neither is an upscale resort. Sea Mountain is more out in the open sexually, open sex is pretty much encouraged. Very voyeuristic, does require nudity, it costs more and if you will be leaving further from stores, restaurants, and such. The catered food is the same everyday, but good. Incredibly fun place to visit. EDR larger, pools are better, clothing optional but most are naked, with the exception of the play rooms sex is not opening visible. Less expensive, close to shopping and restaurants. Both are fun places, just set your expectations accordingly. If we were packing today it would be for EDR. But truly that is because we enjoy going for a walk, seeing the town, brunch, and getting back to the pool in the afternoon and evening.
We've been there and done that with all sorts of lifestyle adventures, but we've never gone to a lifestyle resort. We've often reserved our big travel adventures to revolve around just the two of us focusing mostly on our relationship, albeit swinging has occasionally happened on those trips. Ireland is fun! We also travel with family somewhat frequently. We just looked at the Erotic Dreams Resort website and lo and behold Mrs. Delicious is interested. Question. How far in advance do you need to book to get the Party suite? We are good in the kitchen and having a full-size kitchen interest us. There is enough room to comfortably entertain, should we meet the right people where there is the right shared chemistry. Even if that does not happen, which is improbable, the suite looks like a great place to have a romantic getaway. This resort is in the USA and in California, where recreational pot is legal. Mrs. Delicious likes that.
As to how far out - holiday weekends sell out earlier - otherwise it was not a problem a few days in advance.

I’m not sure about the larger rooms / kitchen. We just got a standard one.
Nakkidfun wrote:

As to how far out - holiday weekends sell out earlier - otherwise it was not a problem a few days in advance.
I’m not sure about the larger rooms / kitchen. We just got a standard one.

Good to know! Thank you!
We have friends who like enjoy going to EDR. They invite other couples and they all get a block of rooms near to each other. The organizer couple gets the "apartment" suite and it becomes the main place for all the others to hang out. Everyone uses the kitchen, the fridge, etc. We were invited, but had other plans. We look forward to the next opportunity.
Does EDR have day/night passes? Other than convenience, it seems like you could stay in a nicer hotel for the same $, and then go to EDR for the day/night and bring a cooler? I have done just that at SMI and it seems to work pretty well.
We have talked to people there on day passes, so I'm sure its available. On the weekend people come just for the evening activities, just don't know the details. We like not having to worry about driving later in the evening, but there are lots of options for that also in today's world.