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We are trying out some new personal kinks of mine. We would either like a couple that is ok being watched by me (the male) Or a female who would like to watch me and my wife have fun. I know this may sound like a weird kink but we love it.
I was very clear what we are interested in and a single male “joining in” was nowhere near what I said. No thank you.
Single guys…what ya gonna do. 🤷‍♂️
I’d be Inter in watching but I’m often on time restriction. Clearfield is a little bit of drive. I’m in West Jordan. I often like to have a drink first and let everyone get relaxed and comfortable to make for a better experience. I wish you luck in looking for your fun time. Most people enjoy that experience, I’m sure you will too 😉😋😈
We're a fun couple who would love to have another couple or single watch us. We're also looking for someone to take sexy photos/videos of us, if you have any skill in photography. Joining in miiiight be an option depending on how everyone feels in the moment, but please plan on it not happening so that it's not a disappointment.
I just messaged you!!
I sent you a message :)