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Who else is Cardio Sexual? After a good work out at the gym you want to get Sexually promiscuous. Just a note. I go to the gym everyday.
"Cardio Sexual"?!!? What are your pronouns? HIIT and WOD?
Some people go to gym to workout and then there are those who go to the gym, hoping it will rub off on them.
We workout everyday, and have sex everyday. But the two aren’t necessarily related.
Good sex is a workout in itself. If you do it right great sex includes stretching, lifting, muscle isolation and cardio/endurance. Stay healthy my friends!
I love a good romp after a workout.
Lol is that a new made up term🤣😆
At the gym and ready
I wish my wife was. She works out every day! Unfortunately she's only horny every 3 months🤣