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Every once in a while I get a wild hair to go out on the town and see what kind of “treats” I can find. 😈. I’m not talking pre arranged, hot wifing with other lifestylers. I know this isn’t for everyone, but I also know I am not alone in the thrill of meeting an unsuspecting male to flirt, possibly take back to a room and have fun with (either with husbands meeting us there/ or coming home to tell them about it). The caveat is I don’t do this alone, I take another female looking for the same with me, we generally stay together the whole night..... so I am looking for a few “wingmen” to go out with.

If you are interested send a message, not a blind friend request (we do not accept blind ones, we simply assume their wasn’t real interest and ignore them.). I’d love to meet some females who are into the same, to get to know and see if we’d have fun together.

I generally go out in the Ogden area, but would consider SL.... but no further S than that. Also, not looking for couples that the male would like to tag along out to the bars with us.
We will be out on the Town in Ogden as well .
Hit us up if you would like to meet .
This sounds like a lot of fun. We do the hotwife thing, but this is a new take on it we might be interested in doing. We live in SLC, so playing downtown like this could be a lot of fun. We will ping you to say hi and see where it goes.
Great idea - this has the potential to be a lot of fun all the way around! Just sent you a private message. Cheers!
sounds like fun I’ll show her and see if she is interested.