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We’ve been going to Seam Mountain in Desert Hot Springs for years. I’ve heard about a new place in Palm Springs - Exotic Dreams Resort (https://www.exoticdreamsresort.com/). Has anyone been there? How does it compare?
We have been to smi many times as well. Amazing times. Have not heard of the new place will definitely look them up.

We are dying to go there since many of our friends who have been there give it amazing reviews. A lot of our friends who have been to both now prefer EDR over SMI now.
We have been going to EDR since it opened. It is similar to SMI but larger, more rooms and a bit less expensive. We are headed there again on the 15th of October. That will be 3 trips in 6 weeks so I guess we like it. The employees and management are awesome and the party/LS fun can be off the hook! We certainly recommend it Check out the web site. Of course we would never discount SMI either. It was our intro to LS. It's just another option. Let us know if you have any questions or maybe we will see some more Utah couples there.
We have been wanting to go to SM, for first timers is one recommended more then the other. We are comfortable in the LS.
Since there are more people, more space, more rooms and more play areas/pools, EDR is a good place for 1st timers. It has it all. From nothing to soft to full swap etc. SMI is great because of the density but they are both great.
We will be there Oct 31st. If we have time we will go check it out.