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Hello! The hubby and I are considering going to Hedonism II in Jamacia at the end of December, but before handing over that amount of money we were wondering if anyone else has gone there or somewhere similar?
If so, when and where is the best place to go and how long would you recommend staying?
We are heading there again in November 6-14. Will be our second time. We go with a group. But we meet lots of great people that were not worth our group. This time we upgraded to the ocean view nude side. Great time! We are also going to Desire resort takeover. I'd you are interested in our group I can get you info.
We've been to Hedonism and both Desire's almost 20 times over the last 15 years. We love them both, each has certain pros and cons over the other but you can't go wrong either way. Hedo has a way better beach and is a little bit more of a party, Desire is a little more upscale in our opinion and only 25 minutes from the airport. We just cancelled our trip to Hedo for next week due to very low occupancy from Covid. Personally if we go we want a full resort, way more fun so we will wait till life gets back to normal to rebook. There is a private facebook group for Hedo called "Our favorite Jamaican vacation place" that is a good resource as well as others for Desire. Adult travel forum is another good resource for both , just google it. We usually go 5-7 days but many people we've met go longer. Good luck , you'll love either place.
We love Hedonism. We’ve been 12 times & had to cancel a trip in April - broke our hearts! We are scheduled for next April. We usually go with a group - our main one right now is The Playful Pussycats.

Not only is the week at the resort fabulous, but the friends you make go way beyond the week at Hedo. We have friends around the country we’ve met there & traveled with them, visit etc.

If looking for a US based short getaway, check out Sea Mountain Inn in Palm Desert. .
Try Exotic Dreams, Palm Springs Ca. It's fairly new LS resort and like a much larger SMI only a bit less expensive. We have been going there a lot as of late and have met some crazy fun people. We will be there again on the 15th of Oct. That's four visits in 5 months... guess we like it.
We travel for fun. We have been to desire we have been to hedo-8 times been on 12 lifestyle cruises all over the world and we love them all. But do have some preferences. Would love to meet more people who can and do travel!

Please say hi. BC (before covid) we tried to average 25% of the time life style travel so 3 months a year - we should have been in Greece right now :(.

Hoping to go to hedo in November ♥️♥️♥️♥️

Wild Cat & Wild Bill
We prefer Naughty in Nawlins which usually takes place in July or August in New Orleans. It’s a complete hotel take over with bar parties and nightly parties. They also have multiple playrooms for group or couple enjoyment. It’s been postponed till April but we probably will not consider going till 2021. What we like is being able to be vanilla outside of the hotel and naughty in the hotel. Also there are usually around 1200 couples that attend.
Thank you for the ideas! We have a lot more to look into now, and really appreciate the help from those who have their "favorite spots."
Looking forward to checking out more places and making plans for future travels. We'll be going at the end of December because that's when I (the wife) have the time available for travel so late in the year, but we're excited to get more lined up!
But thank you, thank you, thank you for the help!!