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Hey there! We are looking to find a couple that would like to have fun with us in Park City on October 29th! We have a suite in a very nice 5 star hotel, and want to make the best of it!

We would like to find a couple close to our age, and have a few other requirements.. Ideally we would like to meet at the Hotel bar, have a drink or two, and then head up to the suite for the real fun!

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, send us a message! Sorry single guys, only looking for couples. (Single females welcome too, but let's be real lol). We are a bit picky, but expect you to be as well, let's see if its a fit!
Niteandday wrote:

Are you still around?
Not trying to be mean but they are local for one? And two it says October 29th in their post.
Niteandday wrote:

Lol. I caught that once I pushed send. We are local as well
Totally have been there as well. Have caught myself in the past and have had to go back and edit or delete comments :D!