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We’ve had fun traveling all over the US and Mexico to find the right couples and select singles for lifestyle fun. But we’d like to find more Utah locals to meet and enjoy fun with on occasion when the mood hits.

We love and enjoy being friends with everyone but are picky with who we play with. Must be classy, no drama, secure relationship (for married couples) and know how it works and be respectful for singles, looking for young 20s to young 40s and be very attractive.

We are fit, well groomed, flirty, fun, secure and enjoy playing. Mostly looking for couples at this time although we’d never turn down an attractive unciron. Single males, we love you, but unless you’re a 10, please don’t reach out at this time.

Looking to meet up with couples one on one instead of going to large parties or events. If you think we’d be a good match, hit us up with a pm and we can exchange KIK to chat if the chemistry is there :)
Hah! RIP your INBOX.
Hot!!! We will be downtown slc Sunday night😊
You guys are super sexy
We are headed to Button Down on the 23rd. Come get your groove on.
There’s a good chance we will be at button up on the 23rd but trying to avoid the large parties and group settings a bit.
The Mr said we’re in. The Mrs said we’re not! The Mr said why? The Mrs said, based on her age she could be your daughter! Nuff said, the better half, my angel and love of my life wins again! :)

We’re not a fan of the larger parties or events here in Utah either, but we certainly wish you good luck finding what you are looking for. :)
Came to say what @utyolo said. 😂