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Hi super sexy horny peeps...

We’ve been on this site for a while now and it’s been fun meeting new people but we have issues with a few things.
1.) People send us friendship requests without even saying hi first, which is super weird in our opinion. Send us a message first and tell us why you even give a fuck about talking to us.
2.) Ummm.... what are we supposed to think when we see a profile and all the pics are of the gal. Hello... red flag... does that mean the guys is super ugo? Not cool!
3.) We are veterans in this lifestyle so we know what we’re looking for and we make it very clear in our bio as to what we’re looking for so sending us a message and then us seeing from your bio that we are clearly not looking for the same thing is so weird to us. WTF?

Ok, we know we are the exception to the rule when it comes to “swingers” because we don’t consider ourselves as swingers. We want a fun couple to be best friends with in and outside of the bedroom. Call us crazy but that’s how you form genuine friendships in this type of situation. We aren’t looking to put a bunch of notches on our belt or going to parties to just fuck whoever. That being said, please read our bio and if you think we’re a good fit, please drop us a line. This isn’t just about sex sex sex for us... although, we LOVE sex! We are looking for genuine human connection and friendship with this couple. We know we aren’t alone in our quest for a fun couple to hang with because we’ve dated 3 couples in the past 6 years and have had a blast! Just gotta fine a good fit for us.
So if you find a couple you like and are attracted to, do you play with them or wait for a relationship to develope before getting naked? We get it...we have several couples we have a good friend relationship with also. We have found that the dating, friends with benefit thing is the best, but it takes time to develope and is not a prerequisite for us having fun naked or otherwise.

While it may not be your intent it seems like the friend component is necessary for you to have fun, maybe even before you will play. If that is your intent...fine with us but consider how others may find that a barrier to even contacting you.

Most people don't read the profiles and there are a lot of voyeurs just looking at your pics. Don't even get me started on blind friend request. For us it's just part of what you expect in the lifestyle. You may have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince and princess but it can be a fun journey. Good luck and good swinging (or whatever you would call it).
Sometimes humility gets lost in the quest for playing. Hmmm??? 🤔