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Do people ever go to hangout and kinda do just an easy meet and greet at crystal hot Springs?
I haven't been up there in years! That would be a blast and nice location to just hangout and relax.
Couldn’t agree more!! My husband and I thought about going Friday or Saturday evening.
Or maybe Lava
Lava is a blast! But cystal hot springs is different type of I haven't been for a very long time. I could make it up possibly Saturday or even next weekend.

I go to lava a few times a year.
Crystal hot springs is fantastic for a meeting spot. They've been re-finishing pools and improved grounds quite a bit in the last year or two.
My wife’s birth day is the 18th. Thought about taking her there
Yeah I will have to check it out then. When I went up last time, it was great for the springs but the area needed some work
We take the kids up there all the time. Not sure how LS friendly it is but could imagine it being ok.
when does the campground open?
We love that place!
We have been thinking about heading there just for a relaxing time. Would love to plan a day with others.
where is it?
That sounds like a lot of fun! We go to crystal hot springs often. It's a good place to soak and relax. Would be a great place to meet up and chat with others in the area!
Meadow hot springs is so busy most of the time, same with diamond fork. Both are amazing otherwise.
That sounds like a fun place to meet I can't go this weekend so I could go next weekend