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My husband and I are super new to the lifestyle. I have been reading through a lot of the categories... however, I end up getting lost on some of the abbreviations used. Is there a cheat sheet on the lingo used?
Yes to long to list. I’m sure there may be a swinger dictionary that is on line
Good idea!! Not sure why I didn’t think of using google... thank you 😊
Okay, if anyone else is lost... http://www.lsota.com/Terms.htm
Interesting..They missed a few, but I learned a couple of things also. Its from an older midwest site
That's a VERY incomplete list! Where's 'DVDA'? If you don't know what that is you owe it to yourself to watch the movie Orgasmo with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

BITSC...Anyone? Evil? Goes along with that movie
Hmmmm, it's a sex/swinger acronym?!!? Nope, I give up. What does it stand for?
Bring in the stunt cock
Whiskey_Girl wrote:

Bring in the stunt cock

LOL Now I get the reference but don't recall hearing the acronym in the movie. Can't find it on the interwebs either for some reason.