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We're sure all of us in the LS have had this happen. Kik messages forget to get sent or conversations kind of just end. 9/10 we have done it simply because of our busy lives. Work, school, Kids, moves, etc.

I'd like to propose everyone try and "reconnect" with at least one other member to pick up where ya left off so to speak. Also, if we are one of those couples for you; feel free to hit us up!
Yes! Totally agree!
Good idea, weve been on both sides of this and have often wondered.
Sometimes it hard to stay connected. Some couples take a break from the lifestyle for personal reasons and we have had some move away.

We generally keep it touch with our favorites though. But it’s a good thing to keep up with couples after the initial contact and keep it at a manageable level so the contact is sincere and not just a numbers game.
Great post and idea...jobs and obstacles have a way of ruining the mood for days on end at times. Most important thing for us is to not judge or let it bother you. You never know what someone is going through.

Challenge accepted...we will reconnect!
We contacted and got contacted by an old fizzle. Mission accomplished!

Whiskey girl said it best too that often people take a break, when we have in the past we try to let people know but sometimes couples fall through the cracks.
Life definitely gets in the way at times!!!
Thanks for starting this thread. This happens far too often and we always are left wondering if people just got busy and put swinging on the back burner or if they either lost interest or weren't interested to begin with and are afraid of hurting our feelings (I know we've felt that way sometimes. We HATE to make anyone upset or feel bad even if we're pretty sure we wouldn't have a good connection with them.). It would be nice if there was some really cool emoji or maybe an autoreply of some sort that wasn't mean and would convey that message without making anybody feel bad. :-(

One thing I WOULD add to this awesome "reconnect challenge"...please don't just send a Friend Request. Actually reach out to people and send a REAL message of some kind. We'd even rather get a message/email just saying, "'Sup?" than just get a FR (But, of course, getting something that deosn't seem spammed out to 20 people is even better!-lol). Getting a Friend Request without any other kind of communication is, to us, the equivalent of somebody (especially someone you don't know) DMing you, "Send Nude Pics". LOL
Good suggestion and we agree with the commentary. The irony for us is it includes some of you on this thread ;)