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My wife and I have season tickets to Dry Bar Comedy Club in Provo. They have shows Friday and Saturdays. We're hoping to find couples that we'll gel with to go with us. If your a couple that would be interested comment below.
We will cover the cost of your tickets. No expectations for the night. Just hoping to find couples that we can have fun with outside the bedroom. If things go well for everyone then maybe more.
We could be interested. We enjoy comedy shows and making new friends!
Sounds like a fun idea to us, we’d definitely be interested!
We would love too!
We’d like that!
We would love to go.. sounds like fun
Sounds fun!
We would be interested 😁
Sounds fun. We are in Saratoga springs too.
Love dry comedy bar! We’ve seen on FB, but haven’t seen them in person yet!

Any couple available tonight at 6:30pm in Provo? We have two extra free tickets.
We might be able to come. We love stand up but usually go to Wise Guys. We’ll let you know.
Anyone available this Saturday?