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Anyone going to Arizona March 1-4 for spring training? Would be fun to meet with like minded peeps!! Recommend any fun clubs?
Ya we will be there in march
We will be there opening weekend.
I go down every year. Baseball and golf. Plus the warm weather.
I am a local if you need a tour guide.
I would love to go. Was there about a week ago and it was 74 degrees almost every day
Do you know the local clubs or parties going on then?
I am not a big party and club guy. More into small groups of 3-4 but I can reach out to some of my LS friends to see what is going on that week.
Can I email you directly with info?
That would be great!
We are in the Phoenix/Mesa area Friday, Mar 15 and Sat, Mar 16th. We'd like some company, parties, or destination ideas for like minded people!
I know it is past the date and we are a bit far away but we are happy to get to know anyone coming to AZ.
Leaving today staying telll sun
Fourplay-I tried responding to your email but I get a message that you are “not accepting messages at this time” I’m assuming that you have blocked single males in your profile. If you unblock and email me again I’ll be happy to respond.
TIGERLILY7275 wrote:

desert Storm in lake havasu
Nudge, anyone coming down this weekend?