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Any other fun couples going to Desires Pearl the first Week in March? Let us know1
Looks fully booked. Any idea if there is a wait list we can get on?
Anyone heading to Cancun?
We are heading down on the 13th of March. Probably right when you get home.
Lol striking out again ... we continue to cross paths
We’ll be in Cancun in April
Where you staying horndog
We'll be at Pearl from the 12th until the 17th of March
Damn we leave on 7th
Riviera Maya May 13-19 anyone?
We are headed to Cancun Desire Pearl June 20- June 25th
You will love Pearl... very erotic place!!!
Yeah, this will be our 3rd time. We love it. We go at least once a year
we are headed in late april
LIVINLVN1 wrote:

Where you staying horndog

We will be at Temptation with a group April 20-27
That sounds like a fun time for sure!
Anyone else going?
We will be at Desire from March 11-16 Maybe see you there?
Heading to Sandos May 10th
Arriving March 11. Too late to see you probably....
Damn ... we leave on the 8th . Going to pearl?
Has anyone been to HEDONISM in Jamaica? We have been a couple times. But wondering how it compares to desire. We have heard a lot of mixed feeling about desire.