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Swingers Forum - Fun Group, Hit us up for Details! House parties every month!

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K & V run a chat group as well as throw house parties monthly for people in said group. It is a great bunch of people, and we are always looking to add.

Hit us up on this post, e-mail us your chat names ( or post here ) and let's see if you are a match for the chat.

Hope to hear from you soon.

K & V
Hey hey
I'm just right up the road! :)
Hitting you up!
What’s up! Kik us labslife
Kik us at Rinda_RN
Ours is redandmysterious
Ours is redandmysterious
We are interested - hbbuddylee
I'm interested
Hitting you up........ love to go to House Parties!!💋

Kik = Altaskier
Hey looking for some fun new parties and people
Definitely interested!
Love meeting new people here to play with.

jaybry6 on kik and yho.

Count me in!
Hey would be interested
hello we would come to a party
we are interested
Thank you for the response, we will reach out to all of you.

We would like to join and host parties
Me and my wife’s Kik keven61992
Thanks for connecting with us...keep us in mind for get togethers!
very Excited to have all of you in our group. It truly is a great crowd and seems those that have responded are also fun.
I am a horny old widower that loves to get together naked and nasty--KIK georgeplay9
Kik = cmjohn245
We would also. Love house parties!
Count us in.

Kik jandafromutahwas
Let us know we would be down!
Send us a message Gennyk2018
Thanks for all of the comments... we are reaching out to all. Chat with you all soon!
Utvstan2016 on kik
Utvstan2016 on kik
Interested as well.
Happyhotcouple !
Anyone is welcome to hit us up on Kik @ C_AF
Interested. Kik tolivelifeagain and MrsCrafty1
Interested, 2hotinpoky
Thanks Guys! We've had parties and stuff going like crazy this weekend! We will try and hit the ones we have not reach Sunday and get you all pulled into the chat...
Still have some room in our chat, and for parties in Novemeber
We're interested...please put us on the list
We’d be down for some house party fun
We're in the same town and do a couple of outdoor parties each year.
Would love to meet.
Well hello hello!
Very interested. Kik is CSampson13
We’re interested
Single guys.... ( sorry ) this is not your group. Couples only, thanks!

Still e-mailing people that have responded! Thank you so much for your interest.
Always down if you need an extra bouncer or security.
We are definitely interested!!
Single guys.... ( sorry ) this is not your group. Couples only, thanks!

Still e-mailing people that have responded! Thank you so much for your interest.
OK, I've hit everyone up! Thank you so much... See you in our Chat !
Let us know the details Tribiannid @ gmail.com
Let us know the details Tribiannid @ gmail.com
Well.... that was random .... we'll be in touch! :)
A few more spots!
We'd be interested in details
sent... HoneyBunnies
We are interested and sent a message
Couples Only.... Thanks !
We'd be interested in details
We are interested as well
We are very interested. We love house parties
Hello everyone
Reached out to Everyone! Thank you for the interest!
Hi couple from Sandy we would enjoy the chat and checking out a party
Few more spots! Announcing parties for November / December soon! Hit us up!
Hopefully I met you at the Swingular party Saturday night. Text me 8014992225 or Kik me cealeysm
Couples only... Couples only... also, "if" you are married ( but play alone ) you are NOT a couple.

The things that need explaining these days.... sheesh!
Hi, please add us. ttc0714.
Add us Kik:MyHotVixenUT
Kik Coryinty. Swingular : andysex
We would be interested
We are as well. Kik is beltwo57
Interested my Kik is freakylatinacouple
This kinda feels like a trap but worth the risk! Kik- star3134
I would be interested kik is GravietD20
Thanks again for all of the interest... Excited to hear back from everyone.
Always interested in a house party
KIK- imagi99 and imagi98
KIK - orderinchaos1
Steve and Robin on kik wildheeler
We are very interested. Kik - Uthiker1
Curiosity killer the pussy! Interested here,

Hey there, Im interested Kik Robamazon

Hey there, Im interested Kik Robamazon

Couples only please, thanks !
Single could I still play .so so where the partly lol
Would like to see the sugga flow ifen I might lol!!
Hey we are interested for sure! utah.dash is our Kik
When where .if possible
Party for this wknd?!
Would love to meet new people!

Kik - Acord86
Add us!