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Paid for lifetime via bitcoin, was accepted a few days ago but haven't been switched from trial member. Tried calling and emailing. Transaction ID sent via pm. Please switch our account.

Thank you.
We did the same thing and haven't received a response yet either. We ended up also paying for a month of regular a few days later, because nothing had changed with the lifetime upgrade. Support/Admin can you please upgrade our account also. We also sent the verification email and haven't had that changed/updated on our profile either 😉. Please advise?

They fixed ours.
Thank you!
Old thread, but similar problem. We would like to pay with bitcoin, but the link goes nowhere. Is the bitcoin payment option no longer an option?
Just read this thread: https://m.swingular.com/forum/post/22240

It appears as if this site is indeed experiencing feature rot due to lack of support and development.

This site has undoubtedly served to plug many of you into the lifestyle. Impressive if it was indeed the effort of one Utah local.