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There are tons of hot women on this site, and most of the pictures are incredible, but how about something for us ladies? How come most profiles don't show pictures of the guys? Are the husbands/boyfriends too shy to share thier pics with us as well?

I'm proud of my man's body!

Let's see the hot guys are on this site...C'mon guys, show us your body!
We put her's up first, then mine in the pack
Don't want to scare anybody off too soon
added you to friends list so you can see ours...my man is in there...email us back sometime...and luvd your pics...
Hi lady's here you go, quit lol it's an oldie but a goodie luv all walt
Theres some in our profile!!
Hairy dic pics make me so horney.
I also bought the chia pet, and the clapper.
Clap on... clap OFF!
Here is Derek's contribution to women, god is it great!!!
Well since she asked so nicely. :-)
Yet another
ok, you have seen the front in my profile and here is the back.
Ok, looks like a few of you got it... when i said sexy bodies, I meant BODIES, not close up of half flaccid penis's

...All I have to do is turn on a webcam to get those type of pictures sent to me...right ladies?

Why is it that men think being sexy for a woman = showing us thier cock?

Thank you for those who got it :)
How about this??
Two of Three!
One of Three!
Three of Three--On Bar Stool!
you ever hear the phrase...be careful what you ask for? lol
Well you beautifull women , are the smart ones, and you know us men, we don't get it the first time , till you tell us the way it should have been done and make us do it again, sorry bout the pennis:( so here is just my body;) don't stay mad remember were just men lol:z
well since everyone else is...lol
Heres one of Jay, hope ya like it.
Hi ladies. Here's one for you. Would love some comments. I guess some of us guys need a little encouragement. LOL
here is one for you guys.
old but, still one.... shaved now... but still got the 6 guage jewelery if any one wants a ride.....
heres my baby .....
Is this better?
My hubby
Here is my fiance's body, you seen his other "gifts" in an earlier post
always ready for fun
OK, let me throw my "hat" into the ring, too! For your enjoyment, ladies.
Here's my gorgeous man. Damn, is he pregnant? LOL
Hope everyone like's this one
here's another
"Let's see the hot guys are on this site...C'mon guys, show us your body!"

I think some are showing their brains, others are showing the location of their brain. :-)
Butt of Course!
Here is my man. Hope you like. I had to do some digging, but did find one that followed the request guidelines. LOL -- jk - there is more on our profile if you want to see more.
Here is one for the ladies, we always post the male part and face but are in private album due to 99.9% are phoney want to be swingers. What kills us is in profiles it says must have both pictures in profile for reply then you dont see theres lol. Oh well enjoy kisses:p
lol ok ladies no cock pictures but all we see is tits and ass from you mmmm no face?
Here's one of my favs of my sexy man.

OK.......................... Now I think we know why alot of MEN don't POST Pics because they (as in 99%) feel their COCK is the best part of them and that's all they want to show off. AS for most here in TEXAS we've discovered that MOST THINK they are so important in their respective jobs that if they got discovered out they were Swingers they'd lose their jobs. We personally feel it more along the lines of being plain ugly or just FAT, and they are afraid they'd scare away any possible playmate. BUT................... that's our opinion!!!

Male Half here........................ No wonder people always say we only think with the little head. I'm asshamed too even be male at times. I for one have a mind that I actually use and I can't say that for alot of others here so far. OH WELL
Happy to say that my baby has posted both kinds of pics. He cock and body, both are nice I think... don't you?

heres my favorite toy :p
I so agree with you Mr. RED64ANDME. Even after the original poster said she didn
I am truely sorry! I was in a hurry and followed what was already up I hope this picture and the one after it is more of the liking of the post, and again im sorry
Well atleast a few of them got it........
We really like this one it dont show nothing private and the water looks down right amazing!!!!!
We really like this one it dont show nothing private and the water looks down right amazing!!!!!
Almost BBQ time again........
Here are a couple of yours truly, since you asked. :D

And one of the front! :D

And one of the manhood! ;)

Heres rob G rated pic. HIm and his bitch
Rob having fun here
I would venture to say that men post their cock because they are self conscious and don't feel they are sexy. As critical as some are they are also sure someone will not be with them due to the ole HWP thing. Not to mention there is a lot more to women that is sexual and attractive.
Looking good there blvl! ;) And Rob, very nice indeed!

I would venture to say that men post their cock because they are self conscious and don't feel they are sexy. As critical as some are they are also sure someone will not be with them due to the ole HWP thing. Not to mention there is a lot more to women that is sexual and attractive.
ok... Here is my Old, Bald, Fat, ugly photo... :s

Those are Corona boxers by the way NOT shorts
Flcpl, you look damn good to us! YUMMY!!! :D

R & C
my hubby
In response to blvlcpl:

I think you're right...thanks for the reply, and nice pic :)
I find it difficult to believe anyone would want to look at an old fat man naked, but if you send me an email, I will send you a couple of pictures.
There are ZERO naked pics of my husband in our profile, we're more than willing to share all our nasty pics with our friends! We feel being on someones friends list doesn't really make them your "friend". AND we like that there's still some curiosity left in each of our minds when we're taking our "friends" clothes off! ;)
cant get them to load crap.
Another of me with my woman!

Hmmmm, lots of pics in profile.

Just trying Hard to do my part!
Here's our contribution - not bad for an old guy!
Hers one from us2
Yeee Ha...
here is our contribution
here is another one what do you guys think.
How is this one of me? :D

this one should follow the initial request just fine...I have lots of "other" pics on my profile as well.
Here my men... :)
A few different looks during our 3 years plus in the lifestyle.
ok heres my guy lol

Oh boy, here goes.

Nothing I see sites anymore really pisses me off anymore. You've got the super cool, the total assholes, and everyone in between. Just like the real world. And all the forum posts in the world won't change this.

Here was a post which questioned the very real shortage of pictures of males in these profiles. To which a number of males decided the appropriate response would be - Hey this is perfect opportunity to show everyone a picture of my cock! Behold, I have a cock! Cock a doodle doo!

So here is typical COUPLES profile. There a number of photos of the female. Often with every angle, every position, every freaking crack and crevice, every inch of skin, on full display. The male, well maybe a couple of pictures, fully clothed, or small, or blurry photos.

Why is this? Here are my theories:

1- The male is an ugly slob who is ashamed of the abused, neglected and ruined temple that was once his body.

2- An outdated and chauvanistic attitude toward swapping, which is literally "We are going to "SWAP", or trade wives, same as we would any other possesion, So really what difference does it make what we (the males) look like. This is for us, not them (the females). After all she is already fucking my nasty ass, so she wont mind fucking your nasty ass either.

I know there is a little of a superficial tone in the above- and having the face or body of a model really isn't what this is all about. But as a couple, we both want to know what we're gonna be working with. Can't determine attraction withour photos.

So all of you who bitch nonstop about why people don't respond to your letters- well this might be a one reason why.
Hey not bashfull at all here is one of me
well, she looks better than me,,,,however..in our profile pics...there are some of me...just didnt want to ruin our chances with others...lol I'm best viewed from a distance
just didnt want to ruin our chances with others...lol I'm best viewed from a distance

Interesting ... We were just thinking that you looked rather ... Dapper. Old Fashioned word but you're still rather handsome. Maybe you should look at your photos again. On the other hand; maybe you'd rather look at your beautiful lady instead ... not a bad choice either.
damn!!!! Ok, here's my dick
this is someting for you
hope you like my men
Here is my Honey
We couldn't agree more!!! Girls like eye candy too!! A nice pic of the guys body would be a lot better than just another dick pic... Deb and Paul
Hope you ladies like this one. He's usually like this more times then i can handle Help!!!!
Here is mee from the front...
Here is me from the back...
here is my hubby
hmmm..........typically I find that the photo of the female usually is the "intro" picture while the photos' of the couple or the male is the , ahem, meat or butt end of the profile. I like to use OUR photo as the intro.....as we are introducing US......not me or her......or my aging carcuss or hers.......lol.

This is my pic.........laugh em and leave........thats what I say......lol........it IS all about personality and chemistry and less about body parts

and one as she approaches.................so glad to see her
I don't know if this has already been posted but I just wanted to make a suggestion to all the fine looking gentlemen out there, women in general don't find pics of hairy balls/units that appealing. Let's see some strong sexy chests, arms, legs, butts etc. I know you're proud of your penis, but lets check out the additional packaging please. Just my suggestion :)
My sexy man
Our into pic is of my hubby and it is my favorite pic of him, nice jeans, no shirt, showing off his nice butt!! mmmm mmmm mmmmm!!
I like package packaging shots...
Floridia Tan Lines
Good point, DP4U!!! How about something fun!
Here's my guy. :)

this is my baby
JESUS H FUCKING CHRIST...Are all men stupid? I have read this whole thread...and AT THE MINIMUM it says NO COK SHOTS,,,,yet what gets posted? And then all these men wonder whay they do not get any repsonses....
I, ythe male, hate the way I look...BUT I hate the way most men look...I think men are ugly...LOL...but here is my Bond pic for the ladies...Why do you like those damn monkey suits anyway?