Wheeler Army Airfield Swingers in Hawaii

Wheeler Army Airfield Swingers

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Hollywood Swingers? - - I believe Gene Simmins and his lovely Gal are but i don't think that is news to anybody,,I'm not Famous but I was in that band Wall Of Voodoo who did that song "Mexican Radio"

Swinger Friendly Businesses - Business or services friendly to swingers - I own a residential painting company, so if anybody needs Quality Service at a Fair Price, let me know. We have done work for our friends on Swingular, so our references are easy to check out.

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - Will that

Swingers Kickball Society - - Count us in. Send us the info please. He played Kickball for a European professional league. She coached at the collegiate division 1 level.

weight approperate - -

Then Don "De Libertine" said...

Well, like age, lifestyle, hygiene and other physical attributes, weight is subject to an individual's taste. We are all unique in what we desire and while some do not mind overweight people, some do. Should we fault them? One should think not. We should just find those we are most compatible with. I am a bigger guy (230) and I do not expect any woman to "get" with me just because they show interest in being friends. The sex part of this is a reward that comes after both parties have established where they stand in the meeting or friendship. Just because we are all "Swingers" doesn't mean we lack taste. Swingers couple are single people X 2 in regard to sex. Meaning as a single you don't look for any ole piece of ass that comes along. You try and find what you consider a hottie. Same goes if you are looking as a couple. Can you be friends without fucking??? SURE! Can you be friends you are not attracted to??? YES!!!! I say again... Suck up and drive on. There's a couple out there for you. Keep diggin :-) -D-

We thought this was educational and should explain a lot about s - keep an open mind. Swingers are spiders. Each to their own unique ways! - he he he he funny stuff :D

nasty saturday parties - - THESE PARTIES ARE UTAHS HOTTEST SPOT TO BE----WHAT CAN WE SAY THESE ARE THE BEST PEOPLE YOU WILL EVER MEET ------ KENT & SUSAN are the friends everyone should know and they are HOT HOT HOT You won't be dissappointed -----Real swingers Real fun and REAL SEX ---- Cum play with the nicest swingers in Utah..........

random swingers pictures - - is it possible to be able to click on the pic to see the profile.

Question - do you talk about other swingers? - We agree, never use names, or even screen names, it is a small community, this life we are in. When talking with old or new friends, no matter what, it's always best to leave names out of it, even if you are talking positive about someone. We have come across, people, who ask questions of other people, either they seen some validations, or they just know we know, we live by the golden rule of, create your own opinion, it's sometimes a tough question to get out of, especially if you know something negative, but, unless the people are going to put you in any kind of danger, we keep our mouths shut. People ask us to be descreet for a reason, and who are we to violate that trust.

What is is with local couples? - Anyone else seem to have the problem with couples local to where you live NOT wanting to meet? - I think people who do not reply are simlarly afraid about pictures. THey are afraid that locals will recognize them. We are in a very small town where we have been asked upon returning from a social at 3 or 4 in the morning what was wrong.... Then it goes thru the 2 closest neighbors to the south living east and west of each other. Then it jumps west several houses and then North across the street and back east again. Within one day. 7 families now know that we got in at 4am and there is speculation as to why. The neighbor across the street, as I picked up my mail one afternoon, at the bottom of my driveway, starts telling me about a couple, that I do not know from the other side of town, about them fighting and how they poor mouth and then they were eating steak...... Do I care ... why should I, but in this town everyone knows everyone elses business.... But regardless of the size of the town people are afraid that someone will find out....<shishhhhhh> <don't let anyone here> that they are swingers and God will curse them.... You know what they say about small towns and Baptist.... They see everything, hear everything that happens and tell everyone about everything ...EXCEPT that they recognize no one in the liquor store.. or local whore house.

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