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Waikoloa Swingers

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Mormon Swingers - - Mormon swingers have to leave their garments on during sex, they always start with a prayer and a testimony, and they are not allowed to shave the bikini area. And on Sunday they have to confess and provide all the names of the people that participated... you sure this is what you want? The upside, there is always plenty of green jello to play in.

Swinging and the Mormon Church - - Well the natural man is an enemy to God... so honestly I agree with the whole double life thing, people are who they are, put on a facade to the majority. With Organized religion there is always a level of hypocrisy. Be discrete and let people be who they want to be. Whether you're Atheist, apart of Scientology , Lds, Catholic or most anything in society other than our awesome little group of swingers, you put on a face with everyone and let go here, so who is to say what is right or wrong? You're all on some kind of level of pervert so really there is no, "he is more of one than I." You are being promiscuous, or sleeping with a married person or being married and sexually not limited to your significant other. Sinners are everywhere, some justify their actions and are more comfortable with "letting go". Everyone's right or wrong varies and for those who decide to give in to their "wrong" all the sudden see the light and it's okay to do now, WOOPI!! I guess what I mean to say is: WHO CARES WHAT OTHERS ARE DOING WITH THEIR LIFE AND THEIR CHOICES!

april 2011 swingers cruise - - We're doing our CruisErotica Pre-Cruise stowaway night again for the April cruise too. We'll have the rooms at the Hampton Inn in Ybor city same as usual. Just give us a shout. cheers Char & Jim Char Travel.com

Divorce rates - How do we compare - My husband and I began swinging together after a month of dating after I, the wife, suggested it and have now been happily married for over 3 years and together almost 4. Doesn't always have to be a pushy husband or a doomed marriage. How about 2 people who love sex and watching their SO be pleased by others? Good communication and a healthy amount of trust and security help as well I suppose. But giving a negative stigma to Swingers that our marriages are doomed seems silly. We've met plenty of people here and while living in San Antonio that have done this for years and continue to have wonderful relationships.

weekly parties to help the community (TAMPA) - - Hi, We are trying something new, we will be hosting a swingers party this week, We will be holding our parties in the middle of the week, so now there is something to do all week long. Another thing that makes our parties different is the donations, we ask for a 30 dollar donation. This money goes to help needy people across the bay area, alot of families are without electric due to tecos high rate increases, we are trying to help these families get turned back on!!!! What better way to do this?? A great party, and helping people at the same time. All are welcome, sibngles, couples, doesnt matter. There will be some gangbang girls around, fetish seekers and lots of sexual people. We are going to hold these parties every wednsday night. We need the following help: Places to host the parties, hotels are small and congested, we will use the sailports for now, as they have private balconies, bedroom and a living room. They also have a full kitchen in each room. Gangbang girls- we need girls who love gangbangs, we can get a lot of support for our cause from the gangbang community And mostly, we need you, come on out have a great time and help yopur community, as well. All parties are BYOB. We hope to see you all soon, if interested in attending, please email us here or at [email protected], we will be putting an informational page on our website soon. www.xwaveproductions.com . Thanks to all and we hope to see alot of you tommorow night for our first event. Gene and Karen P.S. we are going to try and put together a small gangbang party tonight!!!!! anyone interested please contact us before 8pm.

Slowing Things Down - An argument for taking your time. - That's a lot.... did ya'll cramp up typing this? Whew ! On the topic, we are always friends first... it makes the actual play much better ( in our own humble opinion ) [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET]A nice, slow, buildup might be ideal. In the vanilla world, the buildup often begins long before the first date. You meet a co-worker, or a fellow student, or someone who you see at the coffee shop, and there is some immediate attraction, and eventually you connect on a more physical level. If we are hoping to make those sort of connections, within the swinging lifestyle community, then we are going to have to find a way to run into lifestyle people frequently, and casually. If there is no, or limited opportunities to just run into swingers, enough to build relationships like that, then the way we end up meeting is through dating. If you are swiping right and you are vanilla dating, online, if there is shared chemistry and attraction, you will have a second date and so on and so forth. If the chemistry is super hot, even in the vanilla world, people sometimes fuck on the first date. If the sexual intimacy was superb, that might just accelerate the depth of the shared communications, the amount, and the quality of the time together. The way we see it, if there is some super hot chemistry, on a swinging date, if sexual intimacy happens, the same sort of acceleration in the relationship might happen. It might not. If it doesn't and the sex was good, well, good sex beats mowing the lawn. For us, we raised five kids, who all grew up to be happy, healthy successful adults. All but one of our kids have significant others. Some have kids, which makes us grandparents. Our kids and our grandkids, really like us, love us, and we really like and love them, so we spend a lot of time together. We have friends from work and friends from the neighborhood, and we have jobs. Seriously, dating, at the level we dated, when we were wooing each other, in terms of time, well we just don't have it. If non-monogamy was the openly celebrated norm, and friends openly fucked each other, as a normal part of a friendship, then we would all just naturally end up in those sorts of relationships. Well, except the assholes. Assholes don't flow into meaningful relationships. They take advantage of people's vulnerabilities and loneliness. Manipulation isn't friendship. Demanding people, who wish to break you into the vision of their expectations don't want to be your friend. No give, just take. You'll never be able to give them enough. You owe them nothing, and yet, they will shame you for not giving them exactly what they want when they want it. If we can all just avoid the assholes, then what we do get to share with good caring people, is a privilege and for lack of a better term, a blessing. Good people, reaching out, accept and defend each other's vulnerabilities, even if that means some disappointment and patience, and that takes an honest caring person. Sexual desire honestly expressed is surrounded with vulnerability, and romance even more. I changed subjects there for a moment. Since what swingers do is considered taboo, as a social norm, then that leaves dating. Let's face it. Dating is hit and miss, when it comes to making a lasting connection. When four people are involved dating becomes maybe a bit more complicated. We are not apposed to the slow burn buildup. If we meet someone and there is a spark, that is the motivation. If there really is a nice shared spark, and they want to jump ahead and build the fire, we probably won't say no. [/quote]

Oprah show on Swingers - - I just seen it too....but I think it may be a rerun. It is still pretty interesting, and makes you kinda giggle...knowing that you are doing the same thing. Oprah acts so taken back by it all.....like how could people do that. Kinda funny!! If you didnt see it the first time it came on, you should watch for sure. I agree with Cyn...if something is going on in my neighberhood I wanna join! But for those of you who have been to our home...you all know that if something is happening on our street, it is our house it is happening at....LOL ;) .......so I already know whats going on!

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - Hey Virgin not really meant to bust your chops.You are right i can understand your few misspelled words a lot easier than waaaaaa's every misspelled word.As i said we can all use a spell check now and then as we all hit the wrong key every now and then.i was just trying to keep it at the ball busting level that waaaaaa's vocabulary is so small that he can only talk about sex.on a lighter side is it sexual to tell some one to fuck off or call them a cocksucker?the aforementioned not intended to any particular person or thing just getting some sex into the thread. Phil

Adulter or Swinger? - - Loving to dance at clubs and bars, Cyn and I frequently go out on weekends and are often met by a variety of friends. Over the years, we have accumulated a number of single females that enjoy dancing with us. One of these lovely gals enjoyed meeting attractive single men and would often end up spending the night with them. Not too long ago, somehow it was brought to her attention that Cyn and I were..... "swingers". She was furious with us and expressed her dissapproval in very clear terms. After she was through venting her feelings about how disguisting it was that we could possibley be involved in committing adultry, I took a moment to present to her a few select questions. First, she saw no wrong in spending an evening with another man in sex and carnal expressions of emotion? She responded that they were consenting adults and both single.. therefore committing no wrong to anyone. I asked if she felt it was wrong not to be monogamous with just one of these men rather than continually finding new friends to experience. Again, she responded she felt no wrong with what she was doing. Why then I asked, did she find fault with what Cyn and I were doing, as consenting adults and with full knowledge of what each was doing? She responded with the comment that "swinging" was just wrong and that as husband and wife we needed to be faithful to each other. So, I asked why it wasnt wrong for her to swing but it was for us. She retorted she WAS NOT a swinger. To that, I shared the following with her... according to every dictionary I can find, a swinger is defined as a person who engages in promiscuous sex, an adulter is a married person who has voluntary sex with another person to whom they are not lawfully married to. The realization of the fact that she was practicing swinging came as a shock. It took a few days to fully sink in, but when it finally did, she accepted us with open arms for what we are, (I guess adulters), and our friendship resumed. One very important item here to consider, too often the request to bring another single individual into our bedroom is presented with the excuse that the partner doesnt like sex anymore. The solution to their problem is to cheat... or in their mind... go swinging. In our book, these people are not swingers by definition, but cheaters. Its wrong and unfair to try to use the cloak of swinging to justify being unfaithful. Lifestyles and swinging is not a remedy to solve trouble at home. Often when we decline the request to involve people in our sexual activities for the reason their spouse is not aware or doesnt approve, we hear the rebuttle.."why not? you are swingers arent you?". What ever name we give it, people need to remember... this lifestyle is all based on a few key components. Trust, respect, and the terms YES and NO. Period. Cant we keep the labels, the slander, and the lies out of what we can find to be a productive, social, and even in many cases educational activity between honest, consenting, respectable adults?

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