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Hollywood Swingers? - - Well, Jeri Ryan (Jessica Devlin on "Shark" and 7 of 9 on "Star Trek: Voyager") and her ex-husband, former Congressman Jack Ryan (R-IL) were before their divorce. It says a lot about the descretion in the Lifestyle that a top Hollywood sex symbol and a Congressman never got outed and that it only came up in their divorce proceedings.

Las Vegas Swingers club - - Nothing is wrong with rosters as long as all your shots are up to date

Preconceived Ideas - - Wow, great subject! My preconceptions of swingers were very similar to Big D's. Wild orgys, naked bodies everywhere....ohhhhh sounds pretty hot ....LOL But at the time for me it was scary. At our first party, within a hour I was begging my hubby to take me home I was terrified of being "attacked" Ok, now I kinda like that. Seriously, we have met some of the greatest friends EVER. Friends that you can depend on when you need them. Fun friends to hang out with who aren't shocked if you show a little skin, or a lot of skin. People who totally understand the double meaning to lots of subjects, friends who see you turn your head and watch the couple who just passed you on the street and know EXACTLY what was just going through your mind! Gotta love it!

Let's play, rate a profile. - - Wow! I just want to call out some REALLY AWESOME things in this thread. 1) Ucouple - you did a FANTASTIC job of calling out all the things I was thinking about rude3050's profile and you weren't rude or condescending. You were sincere and helpful and that is AWESOME! I hope we can cultivate more of this kind of a culture in this community. Thanks for being the example! :) 2) rude3050 - you took the constructive criticism and advice you were given and acted on it right away, very effectively and without getting defensive. Good on you man! Your profile just improved by leaps and bounds today. I don't have any idea what the lifestyle scene is like in Kansas but the changes definitely improve your odds. Kansas swingers take note of this guy! 3) All the other thoughtful, encouraging and kind words in this thread...kudos all around! We all tend to get hung up on the bad behavior - sometimes it seems like there is an awful lot of it. I think the majority of the real people on this site value kindness, honesty, inclusion, etc. I'm going to make an effort to focus on and call out the positive more often - starting now. Thanks everyone for the uplift! :)

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - Will that

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - [quote=FOXYUTAH]But why did they have to interview a FAT and bitter girl. If she was as hot and fun as most of the women are on here I'm sure she would've had more fun! LOL[/quote] Yeah, there's no such thing as a hot fat person, especially in the lifestyle! Oh, wait...there's hundreds, and they're having a blast w/ those people who don't care about body size or hotness, but about having fun and being satisfied.

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Come to the dark side of swinging! We have cookies!

Roll Call. Who all here has... - Polarizing Poll - [quote=EVILDOERS]Interesting. Quick follow-up question. Was your decision to get vaccinated in any way influenced by the desire to get back out there and take a trip to pound town with other naughty swingers or was it mostly for other reasons? And, fwiw, Ms. Evil and I are vaccinated. Got ours way back in December since we're essential workers (erotic balloon animal artistes').[/quote] Not entirely about getting out to Pound Town as much as a desire to get back to normal. Having several people on our orbit who are high risk, and Mr. working in an essential industry, this was the most expedient path with the least risk. Pragmatism is why. We happen to believe vaccines work and are better than the alternative. That being said we are all about informed consent, and respecting other’s choices. Even if some of those choices are opposed to ours.

Free Platinum Memberships for Platinum Members - Memberships to give to your friends! - To be honest I found out about Swingular from a party hosted locally years ago. The format was superior to AFF as it was a one time fee and the quality of members was and still is far superior. Had it not been for that party we wouldn't know about this site. Now if you are looking to grow the site so that you have more $$ I think the best way is by search engine. Here is why I suggest that. Back in 2001 when I did my looking it was all by the internet. I found AFF and made a profile and away we went. At that time I didn't know any swingers... and all the swingers I do know are already here. So really I wouldn't have anyone to bring to this site. I think your new customers will come from hosted parties and events.... Internet search (you have little presence there) and then friend referrals. Now if you just want the base to grow and keep it quality then the word of mouth friend referral is the only way. Just my .02 Euro.

Logan - Vasa gyms - [quote=Utahldscouple][quote=EVILDOERS]As to the second part of your question, we haven't actually played AT the gym since the old Sports Forum in Woods Cross was open. We used to occasionally sneak into the spin room when the gym wasn't crowded and do naughty stuff. Only once with another couple tho. [em]Emo_82[/em] [/quote]Thats hot. We should create a swingers only gym 😀![/quote] YAAAS! With hardcore porn in the Cardio Cinema! [em]Emo_12[/em]

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