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Anyone Been to the Rooftop in Hollywood, Fl? - Swing Club - My husband and I visited for one night (a Friday) in November 2011 and the experience was disappointing. When you pay for a hotel room, you then have access to the rooftop and the interior club rooms. There were only a handful of people present and, unfortunately, they were out of shape and unattractive. I think they may have been nudists instead of Swingers. I will say that the rooftop pool and lounge area is very nice and the water temperature was perfect for a late night swim. The $150 per night hotel room was clean with a kitchenette, but had bathroom plumbing problems.

KSL swing story - - I wouldn't say that, Rob. They did a piss-poor job of bluring out "Spice" on the party ticket and had a pretty good shot of the intro page and Swingular is #4 on the sponsored links if you do a Google search for "swingers and Utah". It won't be hard to find. I'd recommend disabling the "Swingers in your area" part of the intro page for a while. The root of it is that this story is about cheating, not swinging. All it talks about is married men cheating with their neighbors and looking for sex online all the while making helpless victims out of women. That has nothing to do with swinging, that is plain old fashioned cheating on your spouse. But the slant KSL put on it to make something out of a non-story is interesting. It gives great fuel for the gossip in the Relief Society and Priesthood meetings. What's interesting about this also is, I read somewhere once that although less then 1% of the general population actually does swing, as much as 40% of people fantasize and talk about it with their spouse. Hypocrites. Mr.

The males of couples I need your help!! - I am trying to understand my husband and male pride.But been that I am not a male this is hard.So please help. - being in the life style u will meet alot of people that are looking for different things in different ways . most have some kinda of rules . but there is a few wives that can play on their own without the hubby around . but please remeber that most couples do it with each other cause they enjoy watching each other enjoy themselves with another person . the life style is for people to explore thier fantasies . the couples are very open and honest about what they want and dont want and they want to meet people who are looking for what they are look ing for . the more rules u have the harder it will be to find the friends you are looking for . dont ever do anything u dont want to do . or make your hubby do something he isnt ready for . it willonly back fire . but i think it would be helpful if u pampered your husband a bit . to let him know u love him . and u are happy with what he has to offer you . him not wantitng another man around at all shows some jealous issues . and it might be a good idea to talk about that . even if u are only wanting to be with women u still should talk about any kinda of problems like that . him being young he is new to this stuff and might not understand how swingers see and think and feel about this kinda of stuff . swingers are very open and treat sex and the body different then normal straight people . ill give u an ex. if he takes u to a reg bar iam sure he has to fight off the other guys that are trying tomake their move on you . the other guys are normally rude and pushy and all of that . at swingers parties they are not like that . its more of a loving and shareing way . they arent trying to put the moves on you in a disrespectful way at all . the best thing i can think of since u dont want any guy around is to put your profile up on all the girl sites looking for other girls . you will find alot more ladies looking for what u are looking for thier then on swingers sites . cause ill tell u they are hard to find on swingers sites . but then what u are looking for is girl on girl and then u will run into the problem of your man wanting to be there . just like he doesnt want other men around . alot of the ladies looking for other ladies dont want men around . so the same thing that your hubby is not wanting from couples . guess what yall are a couple . and alot of single ladies only looking for other ladies is going to see yall as a couple and are going to have aproblem with your hubby wanting to be there . like i said the more rules u have the harder it is to find what u want . i am in no way telling u to change your rules or anything like that . so please dont take what i am saying the wrong way . u will find what u want . but it will just take longer and u will have less picking to choose from . what been u find the ones u are looking for it will be worth the wait . i really liked the idea that someone said , it was to find a couple that has been in the life style for a while and let them help yall meet new people . at the club we go to they have couples that greet and help newbies find some friends. and just because u arent looking to play with couples doesnt mean u can t meet new people and hang out and go to parties with couples . we love meeting new friends . and we love to invite people to the club and hang out with them . and help them meet new friends . once u meet new friends u will feel better and more relaxed . when u go to clubs u just tell the people what u are looking for and if they arent it then so be it . no harm done . i really think u should talk to your husband about why he feels so strong about the other guys not being around . cause that will cause problems being in the life style . dont be judemental towards what he says but listen to him really good . and i think if he was friends with other guys in the life style that might help him feel more relaxed . but if nto then please dont push him . its not worth it . i have always been into ladies and not men . it is so hard finding single ladies that we both can click with . so we found it easier to find a couple that was looking for what we are looking for . i dont mind light touching and stuff like that . but i am not looking to play with another hubby . so we make sure its ok that way . only girl on girl and then each finsihs with their own mate . . well i gave u every idea that i can think of to help yall . so good luck . and have fun . naughty dreams freaky kitty

WTH over? - Private picture debacle. - I guess I'll play the devil's advocate for a second and share an opposing point of view. And this isn't meant to be offensive, just presenting another way to look at the initial question/complaint. First off, and I've mentioned this time after time in different posts, there is no one correct way to swing, to post a profile or to live a swinger life. If your opinion (and I don't mean you, as in the poster of the thread, just a generic term) is that people should show their faces and it irritates you if they don't, that's a fine opinion to have, but it's just that, an opinion. If you are in a position in your life that you don't mind if friends, family and co workers know you swing or see graphic pics of you, possibly from another source other than you sending them, or from a random search through a swinger website, that's great. It might be empowering and refreshing to some degree. However, some people don't feel comfortable with that or may actually suffer harm to their reputations, face loss of income or have other unwelcome things happen to them. It has happened to people and the threat, even if just perceived, feels very real to some. We live in a prejudicial society that places its values and norms on others and sometimes punishes those who don't comply with that version of normalcy and moral behavior. It seems an understandable worry to me and to others. " If you’re truly worried about “your job” or others seeing you than maybe you’re in the wrong place?" That doesn't make much sense to me. Though taking a break now, we have been successful "swingers" for many years and we were always careful and had a worry about certain people finding out. We know many, many others who feel the same, so to say we might be in the wrong place doesn't hold much water as anything other than your preference for who you meet or how you prefer a profile to look. As with all aspects of life, but let's direct this to swinging, there is no black and white, right or wrong. Personally we have always tried to bend our preferences, to give people the benefit of the doubt unless there was a glaring red flag or we were not in the least attracted because of what we read, profile pics (attraction) or something else that wasn't attractive or inviting to us. But no worries. There are a lot of different people with different needs and expectations. It is always fun for us to expand our prejudices, learn new things, try new things and step away from a list set in stone that we need to follow. That being said, we have our own preferences and opinions on what we are looking for, but that's all they are. We understand some people want to meet and fuck after a quick hello and exchanging a kiss. Some want more of a poly relationship. Some will never play in the same room while others demand it. There us a beautiful spectrum to life, to swinging to...everything. Just my opinion, of course. You may limit meeting some amazing people by creating strict rules about what you expect, especially related to profiles. Many new couples are super sensitive about even being on the site. But if that is what works well for a couple, great. That's how they do it. It would be wonderful to be in a place where we could all be honest and open with everyone we knew. But we don't and we can't, or perhaps it is just we choose not to because of the severe consequences we may face. I respect people's choices to progress at their own speed, to exchange face pics when they feel comfortable with it and to feel safe in the situation they are working in. For us, and the way we know many of our friends do it, the public pics are a little bit of an appetizer. The private pics have traditionally been more sexy and naughty. Then we have 20 or so face pics in the folder that we specifically have to give access to. Our reasoning is that some people want to add you as a friend so they can keep track of you, show interest, or yes, sometimes just see pics. For those pic hunters especially, we don't share face pics unless we are interested. It provides a level of comfort and security for us, even if it really isn't that safe and only gives us warm and fuzzies. It also is beneficial when nosy people are snooping on the site to see who they know, and even though it doesn't worry you, it worries some. Last up, we too have frustrations about certain profiles or they way people progress with their pics and such. But we certainly think they have the right to be swingers in whatever capacity they choose. If we don't like something, get too frustrated, we move on. But we do it knowing the other person or couple is swinging as they choose and we support that. I think the forums can be fun places to share ideas. It's a place to learn about others and see an opinion that you might not agree with or haven't thought about. Or, it's a place to ramble on about not much, so if you have read this far, good for you. :) xoxo Mr SRO

Swingers dying out? - Is the utah swinger community dying or becoming to needy? - We agreed... swinging has greatly slowed down in the last few years, and it can still be fun, but not as fun and open minded as it used to be, We can see the point on the opening statement, and it you had been into swinging for longer of 5 years you need to admit the scene has changed, the events are more center on the money and getting more pricey over time, and it's not about the money to us and some comment we read that "if $30 to $50 is too much you have bigger problems" it s not the money but the value of the experience. We go on business to Vegas every other weekend and take the time and advantage of the opportunities there we spend 10 to 20 times the money we would spend here in Utah but it's worth it, i bet the events organizers here are great... all we are saying it's not like it use to be a few years back we miss those times...

network swingers - - It will be the new up coming tv show called "Swingtown" on CBS I believe starts june 5th

lets talk about meet n greets - whats yours like? - There are several area groups that have meet and greets every weekend. Some happen in bars, resteraunts, and dance clubs. The number is so large (140-400) that it is a complete take over and the place is warned that the swingers are coming in. We do also have some swinger clubs that people can attend. There are several people that post that they have house parties. People that attend house parties can be from 20-60 people at least.

female AGE turn on-off - - Yes indeed , i know the females disagree with the concept of cheating and dislike my advice , my reply was intended to the men on this site , you will not find a marriage consular nor a family therapist that will not advice the way i did , in a private practice you would pay $ 250 per hr. for 2 hour the minimum for this advice ,my dear swingers ,you got it for free ! enjoy fucking and cheating;)

Pixie Dust - Group Sex/Orgy - Hello, my partner and I run a very private swingers group that caters to any and all sexual group activities. We are throwing a Goth Ball July 30th in a private three story 8000 sw ft home in South Jordan. Tickets will include food, prizes, professioanl bartender (byob), a dance floor, 15 seat movie theater, a king and queen with a real crown and tiara with plenty of play space for the after party. We are drama free and value consent and safety more than any other group out there. If you would like details we would love to have you. If you can't attend this event we are always looking to add new people to our group as well.

Discretion a Must?!? - Let us know - I've always wondered why people won't post face pics on sites like this.. If your boss minister, cousin, neighbor sees you they are there for the same reason. If you are worried that there is someone that is not a friend might do with pics found on a site like this restrict the viewing of them. I'd love for a neighbor or "city official" recognize me.... I've got nothing they can hurt me with but they could be hurt if they were nasty.. Look at the positive side... you may find out that the couple up the street that you've been lusting after for 5 years are swingers and you'be been close friends for all that time....

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