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What to wear to a swingers party??? - - my wife tries to find stuff that looks sexy and nice and is easy on and off or cofortable rolling around in, sexy shoes are always easy because you dont' need to stand much. I wear usually a nice shirt and slacks.

Log in Issue - I am not a robot - Damned quizzes are getting harder and harder. They're really stressin' me out! Do you have to get 100% right to be able to log in or is Swingular grading on the curve at all? I guess if nothing else it keeps all us nasty swingers from drunk logging in and drunk thread posting and/or booty calling. [em]Emo_84[/em] On second thought maybe this is some sort of subtle IQ test to keep any complete morons from hooking up. [em]Emo_12[/em]

who's spouse do you want to fuck - - THANKS Recon for putting a blog on here that is about swinging, for swingers, and FUN to read!!!! FINALLY, what the blogs on swingular should be!!!! And thanks Sexypants, besides you two, Funsaltlakecouple, hotcouple00_x2, ramic180, recon, smedine, stillhotinpoky, jjswingin (and the list goes on) we can't think of anyone else we would rather play-with-pink-parts than with each other...Ha Ha Ha!....There are so many pink-parts....sooo little time!!!!......xoxoxo L

Memes - Adult memes - Swingers who only play with females.

hotel party advice - - I've never been to a hotel party for the purpose of meeting swingers/possible swinging. Has any one else been? We've been invited next weekend and I'd like to know what to expect. I'm already discussing it with the Mr since he seems to be a little more forward than I. (ahem) Of what *I* will and won't be doing, just in case. I hate going to these kinds of things sometimes because it almost always ends up being a waste of time and money. Then on the way home I'm mentally kicking myself for 1, the time I wasted, and 2, the money I wasted.

Swingers Party - Doesnt mean who ever is there is open to everyone elsa - Oh he was married and his wife was doing the same. I didnt see anybody elsa not letting them do what they wanted to do but My gal stopped him in his tracks and I was smiling from ear to ear. I didnt even think about lending him a elbow or whatever till the next day. Thats why I put this post up. I wondered if I should have put a gap in his teeth or if I did the right thing. I second guessed my self the following day. I guess if he didnt take her NO and he moved forward he woulod be wearing a black and blue sumthing but he backed off with his tail between his leg and I couldnt help but laugh at him. Thanks for the replys. And I wont go back to that swingers club no more even if I shouldnt blame the club. I rather stick with private cpl to cpl house parties anyway.

People Who Try Too Hard - - Whoever could you mean??? LOL http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/forum http://www.m-w.com/dictionary/conversationalist If there is an ongoing debate in the forum (it's usually called a discussion... The very point of a forum), then wouldn't you agree that the likelihood of someone involved in a conversation, posting more than one time, is pretty damn good? Ask yourselves, how many one sentence or one statement conversations have you had in life? People who enjoy or seek this in forums are called "conversationalists". It's not wrong to get to know others. That is, after all, the reason we are all here. The poster puts their view out and the reader can decide whether they agree, disagree or desire to further discuss or elaborate on their side. It's like a dance of the minds. Some like the waltz, some like salsa, while others like a Mosh Pit. Just because you don't mosh doesn't mean that you should attempt to deny others of enjoying it. Tolerance is what I am getting at. I am a self-proclaimed asshole, but I still have the right to express myself. I have differing views from lots of people here. That's what I find to be beautiful about people. We are all unique in some form or another. It's uncovering those uniquities, I find to be the "buried treasures" among the vast diversity of people that post here. It's a small window into their being. You don't always like what you see, but it's still there no matter how much you complain. It's like those who had DJQ kicked off of here. I hated his views and all for which he stood, but in the end all he was guilty of was written expression of his view. Many wanted his head to roll and had him removed. Why? Because he didn't agree. Hell, he attacked my very service to this country. I hated his views. However, I still think he had the right to speak his heart. Admittedly, The forum became slightly less exciting after he left. The majority who read the forum remember what a prick he was, but they do remember him. He contributed to the conversation, no matter how skewed we felt his leftist position to be. I'll close my post with this... We are swingers... Don't you think people would disagree with our lifestyle choices, our views on marriage and the morale implications (if you are religious)? Furthermore, doesn't it all come down to personal choice. Just like you have the choice not to read this very post. :-) Just my thoughts, nothing more. Respectfully, -Mr TR- P.S. I whole-heartedly invite you to tell me to fuck off for my differing view. :-)

Swingers Vacation Spots - Help us - O.K.we are going to blow all your minds how about this SNOW Skiing in the Swiss or Austrian ALPS. After a day of skiing take all those cold bodies and retreat to this huge Suite where you spend all night until the following morning in a HOT, SEXY, WILD ORGY with a grouip of Cold but very horny ski fanatics and then you go skiing right after you got a bit of sleep then this continues for a FULL week just think about your knees would be numb by the end of the trip all you wouldhave to do is figure out was it the skiing or the fucking that made them weak ;) We have done the skiing part in these Alps an can attest to the great slopes unfortunately the Swinging part never happened although we did manage to go to a Austrian swing club after the last day of skiing and it was the first time my wife had her pussy ate bye a lady. Thats our dream trouble is at 45 and 48 we don't have many years left till our knees give out ! Norm&Sharon

Mormon Swingers - - [quote=ContagiousLust69]Shen, LDS religion doesn't practice confessions. Source: was raised LDS for 16 years. You would maybe tell God during a prayer , but unless you're so conflicted with yourself of what you have done and feel the need to confess to your bishop, no regular LDS member practices confessions.[/quote] Let's see, you just said that people confess to their bisbop. How is that any different from what I said? I remember being in college and the bisbop called me in, supposedly a girl I had messed around with concessed to her bishop, that bisbop made her tell him my name, and he turned around and told my bisbop. So that confess and tell name part is somewhat true/sarcasm...the rest is pure sarcasm that me and my other mormon friends would just laugh at... I'm no longer active, and I have no hate for the church, but mormon myths are just funny whether active or nonactive... SARCASM, CAN I GET A AMEN

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - Juan probably watched Farenheit 911 and thinks himself and intellectual now. Facts, to this crowd, though interesting, are irrelevant. I believe the only rich white fat man to profit directly from 911 is Micheal Moore. Per Southpark and Team America: Go USA. Go Broncos. America, fuck yeah.

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