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Mountain View Swingers

If you are looking for Swingers in Mountain View, HI, then Swingular is the place for you. We have hundreds of thousands of swingers all over Mountain View looking to meet new people. Here is a list of 16 random Swingers within 100 miles of Mountain View, HI. To see more or to contact these members, click here to create a free account.

Mountain View, Hawaii Swingers can be found on Swingular. It's easy to find others using our advanced search technology. We base our search by zipcode so you will see how far each member is away from you by miles. You can search locally or you can search by state or zipcode as well. We have thousands of members from Mountain View, Hawaii so you have a very good chance that you will meet someone to your liking. We also have a booty call feature so you can post a booty call for quick response. Create your free account today and begin hooking up with Mountain View Swingers right away!

Bingham city swingers? - Hey. I’m in the area - Hi, I am working in the Bingham area and was wondering if any others couple or single female are in the area and want to meet up?

Question... - - Let me get this straight.... Wifey saw her hubby kiss you and said nothing? Wifey saw her hubby grope your posterior and said nothing? Then you touched hubby and she went ballistic? If those are the facts... you are safe and she's a schitzo. You did absolutely nothing wrong and THEY don't belong in the swingers scene.

Mansion Massage Mixer reviews/info? - - Their ad. states "Single males must bring a date or be accompanied by a hosting couple". We've only been to one so we're going back tonite & see if our 1st impression was correct. #1 The Mansion is a super cool place, well worth visiting. #2 - seemed to be couples in the 30's - 40's. Not many of us "more mature" swingers there. #3 Didn't see much playing, a little in the hot tub, but the massages looked awesome! #4 We left about 12:00 so the party may have warmed up after we left.

Long Weekend - Just wondering what people have planned - Is Fantasy Swingers Club new? Looks like we will need to check it out the next time we're down there.

Any Swingers out there? Golf swingers that is... - - [quote=SHAZAMER]We will be golfing Sunday 6/26 around 2pm, give us a text if you want to join us..... Monika 671-0099[/quote] Where are you playing?

Disabled Swingers - - A couple of years ago when I wasn't sure what was going to happen physically with me I wondered what I'd do if I became "DISABLED". I thought about starting a site for DISABLED people but found there are already a few "dating" sites out there.

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - My definition of "Swingers" is a couple in which both partners have agreed to allow the other to have an intimate relationship with another person. There are lots of situations that fit that description and lots of emotional states that occur as a result of swinging but that description works for me. So as a single male I don't think of myself as swinger but as someone who enjoys hanging out with swingers!

Single male in this lifestyle.. - I have questions for couples and single females. - If you feel insulted that's of a personal nature. I can tell by your desire to incorporate BIG words that you're an educated individual who gets off on convincing others of your high intellect. Facts are facts if you're a single male on a swingers site there is reason to why your status is SINGLE....Again I can only speak for the few. My wife and I are very attractive and outgoing and enjoy the pleasures of other couples NO SINGLE MALES. You asked on the forum a question about single males did you really expect a come and screw us reply...silly boy

Fly-fishing Swingers - New Swingular Group - We've considered Key West. We also hear great things about Key Largo. Islamorada is a possibility due to my connections with Bass Pro, et al. Our basecamp in FL is usually in the Clearwater area where we have family.

Poly-Swingers - Moving beyond FWB relationship - [quote=BENT]SUMINDYFUN: To attempt to better answer your question, this is what we've experienced/learned in our poly-type relationships... This is so much more of a complex subject than just a quick "blurb", we like to compare it to guessing a 4 combination lock, you know at least 1 or 2 of the correct numbers... but do you really??? You find out an amazing amount about YOURSELF through this process! We have seen just about everything emerge, from complete unbelievable bliss to complete unbelievable hurt. However, what we've learned is TOTAL honesty, trust, respect, patience and absolute untethered communication are key! These things can either make or break it and breaking it earlier rather than later is a good thing, because if it breaks later then it usually means one or more people missed one or more of the fore-mentioned items and will cause much greater hurt because of all the time/work that was put in by the others. BTW, apparently the bliss is much more powerful than the hurt because we keep trying and trying for some reason? Yep, its like a drug and we're addicted! This is why we dont fault any one for not wanting to "step through that door" so to speak. We suggest to any one that they open that door very, very slowly and even walk away for a bit before entering fully. ABCMAN: You hit the nail directly on the head... from our experiences, social conditioning is extremely difficult for most people to overcome.[/quote] Thank you BENT! We agree with you 100% on the honesty and communication aspect. We have been so happy in the year we have been with our couple, but there have been some bumps and mis communications along the way. Fortunately we were able to deal with them and learn from them rather well. We realize that a Poly relationship is very complex and risky, but the rewards outweigh the risks for us. Wishing you guys good luck in your search!

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