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Lanai City Swingers

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How do you spot a Swinger..?! - tell tell signs of the lifestyle - Spotting a swinger on the outside is not easy. Then again, we are not looking for anyone on THE OUTSIDE. It's very easy to spot swingers at CLUB ELITE.. ;) We ALL are............

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site -

WAAA1101, The Don

Ease up dude. The point most of us are trying to make is that we are all here for fun and sex, just as you are. Realize that we all go about making it happen differently. We don't all share the same interests. We don't all meet on the same level. While you maybe content coming here and talking only about sexual subjects, others may find riding motorcycles, politics, science, religion, crafts, guns, computers, pool, parties or many other subjects fascinating. It's not cool of you to force your idea of "fun" on the rest of us. When you come here stick to the threads that interest you. I for one avoid threads involving explicit photos because I find many of them tasteless. I am more of a "leave it to the imagination" guy. However, I do not go into those threads and tell those that enjoy them to knock it off because I don't like it. I just leave it to them. You see? All we are saying is... If you don't like the content of the thread, move on to the next one. It's really quite simple. Thanks for your understanding and prompt compliance.

-Don- "Ich habe einen kleinen Vogel in meinem Kopf."

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Where on Earth are all the hot Virginia Swingers? - Show us what you have to offer VA!!! - Not Many Of Us,lol. The Anti Swinging Capital of the world is Va.,lol

Is anybody on this site for fucking real or just a bunch of tease - - So just as everything else in life folks have preferences. So what you maybe attracted to is not attracted to you. We get this all the time probably because of age, who knows maybe its his beard. We have found the swingers in Salt Lake to be very friendly and we find we get responses pretty easy in our age group. Comparatively speaking we have never had a response on this web site from anyone we have written to in 4 years in Houston where we live. Good thing we spend about 8 weeks in the Salt Lake area.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - WOOHOO, that was FUCKING well said tequila Good job and keep it up! We'll see you soon.;)

Out of bounds..... - - Ok, I tried not to come back and be a bitch but I think this needs said. For those of you who whine and cry about not being able to mention God on a swingers site....... please remember this is the same God who will send you to hell for fucking someone other than your spouse. I honestly think both parties are in the wrong, and thats what I'm sticking with.

Rules to hooking up - - Maybe we all ended up swingers because we don't play games. Sounds like everyone was as surprised by these revelations as we were. We are all here for the same thing, no need to dance around it.

"Hall Pass" the movie - Funny as hell! - The first of it was great...ending was predictable....but over all good!! worth seeing! they should just become swingers and everything would be perfect!

Alternative ways of connecting. - - You can also try various dating apps. They are hit or miss, but we have had some success with them in the past. There are several that are targeted at swingers/ethically non-monogamous couples like Feeld and 3fun. Okcupid has also opened up and will let you and your partner link your accounts so that whenever someone visits your profile they can see that you are in a relationship with "Bob/Jane" and can check his/her profile out at the same time.

interracial pics - how bout some fun pics - Just curious. Why is it most of the interracial pics are black men on white women and not the other way around? Just curious why there doesn't seem to be equal coverage. There were probably 6 or 7 black women on white guys but most were the other way around. Of course, in our case, because we are chinese and there are so few chinese swingers, most every time we play it is interracial. :l

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