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Safe Sex - How do you (or don't you) protect yourselves? - We now have the rule that we always use condoms. And we are still shopping around for the best ones that work for hubby. He would prefer not having to use them but not enough that he is going to stop. (Side Note: red condoms can have a BAD visual connotation for some guys) I admit that when we started out we didn\'t use them the first couple of times we played. We then discovered that the first couple we played with doesn\'t use them at all. They had some of the same arguments I\'ve seen posted here. The fact that STD\'s can be transmitted via oral sex, condoms don\'t feel right, etc. I can see those points. But then we found out that they don\'t get tested at all and he picks up random chicks while traveling (with wife\'s knowledge and permision) I think that is the point that makes me the most uncomfortable. Most of the swingers we have met so far are very aware of STD\'s and take some precautions such as getting tested, condoms, etc. But I have seen the statistics on STD\'s in single sexually active people and it\'s like 1 in 4 and most don\'t know they are infected. So he is playing russian roulette in my opinion. We didn\'t know all this before we played with them. So I guess the moral of the story is to talk with potential partners and ask questions!! For us newbies, it may be awkward and feel like you are being crass, nosy, or killing the spark, but the other couple should be willing to at least discuss it or maybe they aren\'t right for you!! Carrie V.

Swingular not so private anymore - Someone has made swingular known on the radio 🤬 - More swingers, yaaaayyyyyy!

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Posted By: TEQUILAROSE Reply posted on: Jan 8, 2008 - 1:35 pm Aklim, The CDC tells you that more pitbulls are prone to abuse. You are trying to justify your hate, by reading what you want. So if you need to justify your hate of pit bulls, with the CDC stats, would you also do the same against, blacks (drug dealers), whites (serial killers), asians(little dicks), native americans(drunks)? I don't buy it. It just stereotyping pure and simple. TR, I was trying to make a point that people use the raw statistics to justify their point. Seeing as I had a Pit Bull and now an Am Staff, and play with them all the time, I don't think you can say I hate them. And NO. I don't believe the CDC either. At least not till they can prove to me that WITHOUT human influence, the Pit Bulls tend to be more dangerous. Yes, it is stereotyping. As I said, it has some basis in the fact that there are a few that people have run into. However, when looked on as a whole, it might not show the same light.

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - Hooah RECON!!!! You big dick stud!!! Tami & Don

Desire Cancun Trip - July 15-24 - Anyone planning on going to Mexico in September or October? Any info on good rates or where to look for cruises or vacations for swingers? We are looking to go in September or October...would love info and company! :) Thanks in advance for any info!

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - To the men and women that went before me and after me to protect our freedom Hats off to you and Thank you

A Place In The Lifestyle - - Which club, and where? Sadly this sounds a lot like Caliente, which isn't a swingers club but does host swinger parties pretty much every Saturday night. It also sounds like Miami Velvet, which is mostly mainstream people who just want to say they are swingers and pretend. And no, I don't think most of them have any place at actual lifestyle clubs. While some do say up front they are not swingers a much larger portion will claim to be swingers so they can be seen as more of the "in crowd".

Hall pass - - Cheaters don't tell there other half, where swingers go home and brag off the experience.

A&E New show about swingers... - neighbors with benefits.... - Have it on our DVR but haven't watched it yet. Expecting a lot of manufactured "drama". I heard there would be a "Christian couple" as a counterpoint to these disgusting heathens. Also, in case anyone is wondering, Warren County Ohio is NOT a hotbed of swinging. Clicking thru a few stills from the promos they got one thing right. The red Solo cups they're drinking out of. [em]Emo_67[/em] Doubt it will make it unless a bunch of vanillas stumble on it and watch it for a vicarious thrill. Usually shows like these THINK they're being titillating when in fact they're just being judgmental and if that's how they edit it they'll attract a few crazy religious people who will watch it with disgust (while likely being secretly turned on) and the self satisfaction that at least THEY aren't going to hell. [em]Emo_84[/em]

Those damn single men! - Where do they fit in this lifestyle? - WOW!! I go to work and I get all kinds of replies! Thanks to ALL!!! I'm not here to change anyones way of thinking! I'm not here to tell anyone they need to change! I'm not here for a pissing contest, and have done my best with this thread to avoid pissing on anyones toes! Hwy I always enjoy your input, you are straight up and blunt I like that. Sexy LMAO I'd enjoy seeing you in action at a swingers club... UTHOT Sorry, I havent been sleeping well, and I get bored... Lets all have fun in whatever it is you do...

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