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Spanish Fork to American Fork - Utah - [quote=JoeThe1Mac]I am Looking for a Cuckold Couple or submissive married lady to use as my personal Slut. From Spanish Fork to American Fork. Remember discretion is always assured. [/quote] Unfortunately, there is VERY common belief among single males that all or most swingers are into the cuck lifestyle. I mean, how could any self-respecting man let his significant other fuck other men if he wasn't a cuck? We've actually heard single guys say that. And we can't count the number of times over the years that we've been approached online or even in person at parties and meet-ups by SM's who have this misconception. There are plenty of cuckold-specific websites online for people who are into that dynamic.

Know any Mormon swingers in SoCal? - Single girl in SoCal wants to know! - ok, someone that thinks the Mormon garments are sexy is like saying the movie Human Centipede was a huge turn on.......just wrong.

Party Games - - We\'ve played around with a computer game called 4 play, from rwb productions, its kinda of like a monopoly style game but for swingers. Haven\'t ahd a chance to see what it might be like in a party situation but might be worth checking out...... Tandvplay

Pineapples and black rings and flamingos, oh my! - - [quote=BIBILOVE11]Is it true about the pineapple, flamingo, black ring thing? Or is it a joke?[/quote] From what we have learned the pineapple is a sign of welcoming. If you turn it upside down its means swingers. We first started seeing upside down pineapples at Naughty in Nawlins a few years ago and certainly seems to be catching on. Not sure where black rings come from but we wear them as our wedding bands on the wrong hand.

Swinger Bracelets - Swinger bracelets - honestly what needs to be done is yes the bracelets and no matter what your not going to make everyone happy. OK the number is fine to say hey were swingers instead of colors why not have a 1 threw 5 and put it in a circle to separate it from the other numbers one being beginners and 5 being all out who really cares about the fact if your bi or single cuz if you catch on to the bracelet then you can just discreetly ask

How to get Girl on GIRL...solo??? - trying to find that elusive, no drama, chick - I'll chime-in reiterating what other have said. First, the reason these single females disappear, never meeting you is because they are horny guys playing online games and looking at pictures to get-off. Second, we agree with Thoughtgarden 100%. EVERY FMF we've had came from the most unexpected place when we weren't even looking at the moment. These are women we met at non-swinger parties, night clubs, etc. I think this is because for the most part, unlike single guys, single women are not actively pursuing threesomes and moresomes. Single women are not creating the number of profiles on swingers sites like single men. If they happen, great. If they don't, that's okay too. It's now that they aren't interested, they're just not out there pursuing it on a daily basis. A couple of suggestions: 1) Look everywhere. Remember when you used to go out to clubs by yourself or with a friend when you were single and you'd meet someone? Same thing, except now you're doing it as a couple. Instead of boy picking-up girl, or girl picking-up guy, it's now couple picking-up girl. You are BOTH dating her, not just one of you. 2) Couples is a good place to start, even if you are not interested in full swap right now. Going to the meet and greets and getting to know people and them getting to know you helps. You may find a couple that is okay with playing solo and would love to fulfill your fantasy with wifey playing with you two. But, if you don't get out there and get known to people you'll never find them. Good luck! And keep trying. We were in the lifestyle as a full swap couple for quite a while before our first FMF, and it literally came-out of thin air when we were least expecting it.

A Quick Poll for Couples - - Full disclosure. I work for a secret branch of the NSA (the Perverts Surveillance Unit) and we're keeping track of all you disgusting swingers and your filthy, sinful ways along with Sydney University, through a grant from the American Council on Religious Freedom, and we're hoping to eventually develop a vaccine to kill all your sex drives and make you repent and return to Jesus. The data the that I collect will be used to petition President Trump (who only PRETENDS to be a philandering letch and is really a pious, faithful God-fearing man who was handpicked by The Almighty Creator to bring America, and the world, back to the moral and religious standards that this country was founded on. So enjoy your filthy little hobby while you can ecause the day of reckoning is fast approaching and soon the naughtiest thing you'll be able to do on a Saturday night is go to a Jamba Juice "bar" for a smoothie and watch the 700 Club on TV before mandatory lights out at 10pm. Hallelujah! [img]https://media.giphy.com/media/3oriOaLBINGcizAdJm/giphy.gif[/img] And yes, it IS an "Invasion of Pricacy".

Yet Another Cheater - - Dayyuuuummmm This ones is getting thick. Nothing like a good hot topic on a cool Wednesday. Cheating = lying = bad. Playing alone Is not cheating. Anyone who wants to dabble in this world is going to run across some unsavory shit. You don’t go to a bikers bar and bitch about there being so many bikers. I’m not saying swinging is the same as cheating but let’s face it we’re dealing with extrarelational sex, lines get blurred. A very pious couple might look at sanctioned swinging and say we’re all fucking nuts. Normal swingers look at a cheater and question hus/her morals. I feel like everyone wants to point their finger down stream and call them assholes. We’ve run into cheaters too, we roll our eyes and move on. Vent if you need to vent but don’t let the bastards (or bitches) get you down. Have fun!

Are swingers moral? - Who determines what morals are? - [quote=CRAZYFOXTCU]From certain perspectives yes that's what I'm saying. Religion twists things but from the view of an Islamic extremest what those terrorists did on that plane was the pinnacle of a moral example. From our point of view it was horrid and sick. We are in the out group to these terrorists and religion has warped their view so that they think they need to defend the ideals of their in group. Understanding that they believe they are doing good things doesn't excuse them from the bad things they do. Like how the Pope isn't innocent for using his influence to stop people from using condoms in countries riddled with AIDS and parent less children. He believes he is doing right but is inexcusable.[/quote] I am afraid I have to agree. I think morality is a moving object and simply a point of view. It does not take religion or lack of it to make you moral because morality is a self designation and has no absolutes. If we pass laws to protect morality based on an absolute definition of morality, then we are climbing out on a limb and cutting it off behind us. I think hellokity defined the goal when she said

Pineapple Stickers - pineapple sticker = swingers? - [quote=charlykirk]The backside of our RV[/quote]Does this mean you lean towards swinging 😀?

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