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MORALITY is irrelevant. Statutory law is what reigns supreme. If they are breaking the law, then they should accept the consequences. Many European countries allow 14 year olds the right to consent to sex and marriage at 16. These decisions were made by the majority of the people in the country. Here the age of consent varies from state to state in regard to consent with other minors and 18 for most with regard to adults. Whether you are male or female, the law applies. If it is illegal to consent before 18, then it is illegal, regardless of your dogma. I seem to recall seeing a story on television about a russian (I think that was the nationality) couple that immigrated here with their two children. The country (eludes my recollection), they were from it is customary for parents to "pat" the gentinal area of the child as a means of reassurance or some such bullshit. According to the story it was a non-sexual gesture and a common custom in their country. The father was seen at a local school sporting event do this to the daughter, by another child's parent, and the man and his wife had their children taken away. This is a perfect example of what I mean. While to them, the contact was liken to a football player smackin another player on the ass as a way of saying "good game", it is not tolerated as such here. Anyway, I can't remember all of the details, but you can see what I mean. If 18 is the age of consent, 18 is the fuckin age. Laws and customs of the land are what matter. When in Rome....

-Don- "Sic vis pacem, para bellum"

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Is HABITS still the place to go? - - Habits: Pros: Great music, food delish, cool/friendly staff. Cons: Drinks pricey/watered down, music too loud, "dress code", popular hangout with self proclaimed elite swingers. Club 48: Pros: Drinks great, music at reasonable level, relaxed atmosphere. Cons: Food sucks, understaffed, sometimes music sucks too. Northern Exposure: Pros: Private room with private smoking area, some drinks good, music at reasonable level, music ok. Cons: Some drinks pricey/watered down and they seem to run out of their "specials" quickly, food sucks too, staff really busy (altho they are friendly).

Hello summer - Swingers couple party - Hello this is Gunther Friday June 17th 2022 This is a private party. Just want to be clear upfront... It will be held at a LS positive venue, please arrive in street clothes there will be a place to change if needed. This is not a get drunk party ( it is byob and snacks to share) this is a mingle/dance/get to know others party. No drugs Please follow the LS rules ( no shaming of any kind, always get consent, respect everyone, no pictures) There will be a dance area, mingle and talk area, outside patio area a bar area and semi private rooms to play. To be put on the invite list please tell us a little bit about yourself and expectations of the party. I Look forward to hearing from you. Either here on swingular or send either of us a message on messenger Gunther Fox Kay Fox

Too Young to be Taken Seriously? - - My husband and I are interesting in joining the lifestyle, starting slow. However I've noticed the majority of people here are older. We both are twenty, is this too young to be taken seriously in the lifestyle? Should we keep at it, or come back in 10-20 years. I do understand if people want their partners to be old enough to have an adult beverage with them. But perhaps it is the maturity level? Maturity level is different for everyone. There are twenty year olds who act years older than they are, and sixty year olds who act younger than we are. To each their own I guess. I'm not asking to have everyone be my friend right now. I'm just curious as to what people think about younger swingers. What is your opinion about say twenty-five or younger couples?

Polyamory - Any thoughts on an exclusive 3 or more partner relationship? - This is like kissing to me.... Don't love anyone you have sex with except your SO... Well I am in a poly relationship with a married woman. Her husband is not poly and my wife is not poly. The 4 of us are good friends and both my wife and her husband know that the relationship is not platonic, far from it. They do not swing but we met at a swingers social. They were looking into the lifestyle but did not decide to go that way... We started talking on the internet.. they live a little less than 30 miles away. She and I had discovered that we loved each other from the several meetings and talking and I stopped by one afternoon, sat down and told her husband how I felt and she told him also. Understand we both understand that it is a secondary relationship and neither of us wants to leave our respective mates... We have discussed what ifs like; What if something happens to one of our mates? What if one of our mates starts to have problems with our relationship? We try to discreetly meet when we are each free and our mates are not around... This to alleviate any stress to our primary relationships... We do get together and eat and watch TV, play games, dance...Everything is open above board and consensual. Many people who are coming into the lifestyle, over the age of 40 and empty nesters have things in their profiles like; "looking for one or two couples for fun both in and out of the bedroom. Would like to find a couple or two to play with on a regular basis..." The implication is that they want a relationship that is closed...i.e., safe, secure and on a regular basis... To me that looks suspiciously like poly relationships. B and I need to find a place in MT but it's much much too unpopulated there, too cold and could get lonely....besides B likes her job/s.. Wears so many hats it isn't funny. All in all we do get to get out and go to parties/socials almost every weekend, if we want. Something to be said for populated areas even if super people live so far away...

Adult Vacation Recomendations - We need some help what to do or where to go! - So here is a perfect deal for ya. There is a group of 20 or so people from here going on a cruise in feb and it will go to Putreo Rico. And swingers.lol Leaves on Feb 7th for a week. It has all of the items you wanted and more. But time from kids is so much in need at times, just need to be an adult.

An out of this world (or state) encounter - swinging parties - We like to travel, and we try out the on premise clubs wherever we go. In Sept we went to what is supposed to be the top rate swingers club in the world, just outside Amsterdam (called Fun4Two). It's by invitation only, but if you are ever traveling in that area, you won't want to miss it (so email us and we'll let you know who to contact to get in). We like the local parties, but it seems to us that many of them have too much talking and drinking and too little nudity and fucking. Paula is always the first one to get naked - at a club or a house party (Sounds like we'd get along well with THEXECS, huh?) We love to watch and be watched. L&P

Wow ....check this out... - - I agree with HUNNY_BUNNY in some respects. Depending on the comments made earlier, it would be hypocritical to allow some comments and not others. BUT This is a swingers site. Political narrow mindedness shouldn't be thrown around here. I am a moderate and although I don't like everything George W says or does, I dislike the way the Democratic party has handled their grievences even more. They keep giving the enemy political and moral victories left and right every time they say some poorly worded crap about the war. This is all just pay back for the witch hunt the Republicans gave Clinton. I think both sides need to grow up and quit acting like children and come to a common ground. While we are still above ground and not 6 feet under. So lets drop all the politics, and get back to what this site is about.

Why swingers are happier. - - A study from New Zealand proving that swingers are happier than other people. [url=http://now.msn.com/sex-makes-people-happiest-per-new-study]Swingers are happier![/url]

Fort Bridger Rendezvous - - There’s swingers at the rendezvous?!? I’ll be stopping in my way to The Gorge if you have any use for an attractive single guy.. KIK justaguy_420

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