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Single male in this lifestyle.. - I have questions for couples and single females. - If you feel insulted that's of a personal nature. I can tell by your desire to incorporate BIG words that you're an educated individual who gets off on convincing others of your high intellect. Facts are facts if you're a single male on a swingers site there is reason to why your status is SINGLE....Again I can only speak for the few. My wife and I are very attractive and outgoing and enjoy the pleasures of other couples NO SINGLE MALES. You asked on the forum a question about single males did you really expect a come and screw us reply...silly boy

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - "it felt like 5th grade and not getting picked for a team"

Are there any real players on this site? - - [quote=Mayaswellplay]We have met some really fun people on this site but we are I Utah and it seems to be more active here. I think half the profiles think they want to be swingers, make a profile then get scared and never come back. Lol.[/quote] We have a similar opinion. Having lived all over the country, while participating in the lifestyle, we have observed that Utah has an entirely different, and quite immature vibe when it comes to swinging. We believe being on the site is what gets them off. They're being SUPER naughty, crafting fantasies together, but doing nothing more than taking up space. The forums are a great example of that. All these threads about posting pics are lame AF. "Whose got the best ass!", "Show us your big dick", "TITTY TUESDAY!!". WTF ever... that's Jr. High stuff. You really don't see it on other sites the way you do on this one. In other parts of the country, they don't want you to post a pic of you pussy. They want you to get in the car and bring it over to the house to get fucked. After all, that IS the point. From the outside looking in, having experienced both sides, Utah is comical AF!

would you? - if you found this on your car in the morning? - Well, since we don't take the bus, probably would push it off, since it's novelty is old. The people that would find it amusing would be either A- immature, or B- Swingers. You'd run across a lot of A's but the B's are much more rare. Guess I'd have to push it off and go to work..

Just looking for other couples happy with super soft and no swap - There must be more of us out there? - UNICORN_CHASERS "real" swingers? posts like this is the kind that will drive others that aren't as "hardcore" away from the lifestyle forever! Look up swinging..Google, Yahoo..whatever..and read as many definitions as you can find..there are many facets to the lifestyle, not just yours. And just because something isnt "fun" to You doesnt mean it might not be fun to someone else. Maybe the idea of full swap isnt fun to this couple that posted this topic, ever thought of that? Unicorn I think u should read the 4 other pages of this post !!!! I said to each there own .... We tried soft swap wasnt for us and full swap isnt for them !!!! Who cares ...... 90% of the couples in swinging wont make it anyways this rips relationships apart .... In 3 years we have seen tons of couples get divorces from the lifestyle ..... But the soft swappers shouldnt say full swap is bad either till they have tried it !!!! Just sayin Badboy8p

Singles posing as couples - - What about us? We're actually swingers who like to meet nice people. Sometimes even singles. Sometimes men. Sometimes women. sometimes couples. Some plump. Some skinny. We don't have ANY trouble sorting through the screwy ones. It's the [b][i][u]nice[/u][/i][/b] aspect that we seem to be having trouble finding on this forum recently. Sorry to stray from the OP's topic but it looks like it's heading south anyway.[em]Emo_42[/em]

NO PIC Profile Poll...Do You Open/Search Them? - "YES" or "NO" answers ONLY please.... - Anyone around Seattle looking for great pics hit us up, we do swingers specials in our Photography studio. And Yes but we would rather see their smiling faces!

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - FUN4USXX2001, Personally I like what you are wearing for a lifestyle party.. Just need a raincoat to get there. Neighbors might think it's strange to wear such a coat on a sunny day with 90 degree temps but then they might be even more hot if you didn't... Ray

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - we are all Racist in one way or another,, so if you say your not ,then the only one your fooling is yourself, we are all good at puting blame on someone else, Alton

A paradigm shift - polyamory - Your thoughts? Here are mine... - Hitting the topic of Poly.... I am poly my wife is not. We swing. I have a lady friend, spice if you will who is also married and her husband is not poly and they do not swing. We, all 4 of us are fast friends and both my wife and her husband have no problem with her's and my arrangement. THey also know that We swing. Now how did that person come into our life.. we met and became friends almost immediatly. I fell in love with her but am sill "IN love with my wife as well. I< we, like to become friends with people before we jump into the sack with them... BTW they both know that we swing. Could I fall in love with another woman, definitely.. Could I fall for a woman who we might swing with....I could and have. No biggy...If she is not into that I understand... Not everyone can handle the situation Some one mentioned that jealousy are natural.... Only in the sense that by example we are programmed to them, just as we are not "taught " not to eat other people but we kind of get that impression...Canibalism(sp) is not acceptable any more than is marrying ones own sister or brother. Possessiveness is about owning somthing that is not yours to own. No one owns anyone else and especially not their spouse. Is it natural to own a person? I say no. Somehow when people get into a relationship the idea creeps in that says that the other person is your exclusive property. One need to put that aside if one is a swinger. As for jealousy.... Jealousy is a combination of both possessiveness and ones own insadequacies. Maybe one could describe that as fear.. Fear that she or he will meet someone better. Fear that we are not good enough, etc etc etc. So Jealousy is a reaction to these fears and the possessiveness not a true emotion at all. Everyone thinks of Jealousy as an emotion, which it is not. So polyamory is very possibly with swinging but may purists of poly will say that poly and swinging are difinitely two different things... Maybe but they can exist simultaneously. Just a note; More than 60% and I've seen figures up to 77% of all married couples, and I'm sure that it extends to LTR's as well...maybe even swingers, are at some time in their life engaged in serial monogamy..; i.e., either cheating or getting ready for the split-up. Isn't this a simpler form of or something like poly? ... THink about that....

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