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BD/SM- Why are there no groups? - - Now this IS Terry. OMG, did I unleash a monster when I put a profile on Fetlife.com for her? Just kidding, she's an angel. Even if there might be just a touch of devil, or at least imp. Anyway, that didn't work out as well as hoped, like Evil said, most fetish groups don't swing, their events aren't usually about sex, just discussions, socializing, and demonstrations, with people doing scenes with the people they're already in a BDSM relationship with. And before someone asks me "well, why don't you just ...", it's simple. She's into some things I'm not and in that life, if you aren't really into something, even if you do know what to do and how to do it, you can't really be a very good Dom. Since the guy is supposed to make the girl happy, I did the Fetlife profile for her. The first thing a new person who's interested in some BDSM group will get told is "We don't swing", that he/she isn't going to be able to go to an event or even party and hook up with someone, that even if he/she gets invited to participate in someone's scene (it does happen occasionally) it isn't likely to culminate in actual sex. Which makes it difficult for someone who wants her BDSM to be part of actual sex. One thing though, Evil. The Fifty Shades of Gray phenomenon notwithstanding, BDSM is more secretive than swinging. Anyone who finds a swing event online can attend, unless he's a single male and it's a no single males thing. Not so with BDSM. Fetlife, for example, has more than one sub-group that sponsors events. You can find the events on the site, but you can't just go to them. You have to be sponsored by someone from that group. And not everyone in the group, people who themselves have been through the process and can attend the group's events without a sponsor, can even be a sponsor. There are always specific requirements and a process of some sort to go through to become approved to sponsor new people. There's still a stronger stigma attached to BDSM than there is to swinging, and the potential consequences to being outed are more severe, especially in a place like Utah. So the people are much more cautious than are swingers, and swingers don't exactly put up billboards ads on the highway. ~ Terry

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - I am with Kristy on this one Its presumptuous Its also shoehorning you into only those couples that love big black dick lol so all the couples who may like dick but dont care what color it is Well you get my point. may take offense to your screen-name.. There could be other reasons but All in all single males are often not looked highly upon unless they have built a reputation and worked several years to make this reputation among the lifestyle.

Un Cut Cocks - What do the ladies think of uncut cocks? - I just read a thread on another forum about this issue. The forum is LPSG, which stands for Large Penis Support Group. Anyway, the thread was a poll for female members to answer as to whether or not they would circumsize their future male children. The poll also included the women's own opinions about sexual preferences for cut, or uncut cocks. The female members voted for uncut in both regards. While some of these female members are into swinging, most of them are up for monogamy, so the poll results may not ve relevant for swingers. I can understand your situation, but this year I actually started desire to be uncut. I believe that the extra skin has a purpose, just as pubic hair has a purpose. I do recall reading that it provided a tad bit more stimulation to the vaginal walls during penetration.

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - We would be interested. Safety is important to us. We're brand new to the LS and we want to proactively get vaccines and tests to show our safety if we can find other couples that can prove theirs

couples more [oft ] ask for couples or single females. why is th - - As a single male, I feel I must put my 2 cents in. I've personally heard some horror stories from some couples in dealing with single males. First, we are not all assholes. For instance, I always respond to all my emails with tact and class, even though sometimes you may not like what I have to say. I prefer to get to know a woman and perhaps seduce them. Sticking my dick in a woman, one minute after I meet her, doesn't appeal to me. Secondly, i'm reading about all kind of statistics being quoted. They all maybe true but there is only one statistic that I believe and practice. Apart from a monogomous relationship, the only effective way to decrease your chances of catching a std, is to wear a condom. Condoms aren't 100% effective, but I always use them. If you've met someone in your public life over the years that have lied to you, isn't it likely that some swingers will lie about thier health? Who hasn't met some online that sent a fake pic and lied about what they look like? Before couples were couples, they were single.

Any swingers advise for Spain? - Swing clubs in Madrid - Well not too sure about swinger clubs, but we were there last year and the hotel we stayed in had one of the top rated rooftop bars in all of Europe, and the hotel itself was amazing, if you like trendy hotels, the name of the hotel was "ME" Madrid, it is probably in one of the best locations.

Adult Vacation Recomendations - We need some help what to do or where to go! - [quote=BMSHELL]We just did one of the swingers takeover cruises and can't say enough good about the value for the money we spent... (3,800 swingers on one ship... it was the funnest week of our lives). Be cautious of the cruises that are "partial swingers" cruises (meaning, a group of swingers got together and decided to go on a vanilla cruise). You can only "play" in your tiny stateroom, there are going to be tons of kids, and all of the activities are "family friend". On a real swingers cruise, you can be completely naked as much as you want, and all of the activities and themes are *EXTREMELY* adult oriented. [/quote] We like this idea a lot...we'd love to spend a vacation doing what is most fun! Send details our way!

What really defines a TRUE swinger? - - ""Most single males don't know the meaning of "NO" and are just like stray dogs in heat that just keep coming back no matter how many times you hit them with a newspaper. Bad dog. Go away!!!"" Wow......most of the men I have had to 'swat' away with the newspaper are the married swingers whose wives get all the cock they want...but they are left with nothing. I consider myself a happy swinger...I enjoy sex but also known my limitations and respect others no matter what. Guess a happy swinging Adult..???

Single Males - - We too have met quite a few single males who have told us that it's much easier to get laid in the vanilla scene. If that's indeed the case I'd think that at least some of the younger single guys would prefer banging a hot young girl at a bar rather than some 45 year old milf on a swing site. Unless, of course, they get off on the fact that they're fucking a married woman. Don't discount the fairly high number of single guys who think married male swingers are pretty much all cucks and really enjoy the ego boost they get from fucking another guy's wife.

Toy Recommendations - If you had to choose just one... - Since we dont know much about toys we would have to improvise and make some wild and crazy toys from all the things that are around us. Could be fun to do this on day.......Get a bunch of swingers and do a cross between Survivor, the Amazing race, and that business one with Donald Trump......HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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