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911 THE REAL TRUTH - - Please take this idiotic banter to a diferent venue... This is a swingers site and both of you are simply fucking with words that, if we were lucky and Japaneese or some other nationality we would disregard as simply noises made with letters. I think that if you wish to keep this crap up simply go out and do the impossible... and get off this flaming party. You are both like a Japaneese Zero trying to make the enemys carrier deck so as to kill any pilot still in the air because he cannot now land. Problem with this is that neither of you will ever hit the other's landing deck.. and maybe all you two are doing is taking your penis' out and flailing at each other with limp members. Aren't at least one of you big enough to put your dick back in your pants and get on with the business at hand.......Fun Fantasy and sex, real sex, not this impotent flailing of limp rhetoric.. Get off my channel and the channel of every other serious swinger in here. Take it out back somewhere.. Go meet in Vagas or NYC or how about New Orleans. Theres plenty of shit down there to throw since the waste treatment plants overflowed.. Isn't enough, enough. Grow UP NUFF SAID!!!!! BY me and definitely by both of you...Piss off

Are we really as judgmental as vanilla people? - - Swingers are very judgemental, maybe more so than the general population. It's not just over weight people that are judged by people in the lifestyle. Single men are discriminated against daily...just because they are male. We seem to be good at grouping like people together be it sex, weight, race. People in the lifestyle sure don't hold back when it comes to discrimination.

Swingers Kickball Society - - We are I n Salt Lake Co

Swingers Vacation Spots - Help us - For us it would be simple anyplace out of colorado that has swingers parties and a good babysitter for the kids cause we wouldnt want to come home soon guess that what living in a small town and no car does to you. lol

Mon chalet - Swingers motel - We lived in Denver for many years. When you go back, check out the Scarlett Ranch. It's considered by most to be a much better club

Mexico! Come with us!!! :) - Trying to put together a group of Swingers to go to Mexico with us! - I will see if I can take off from work but we do need a vacation, to let loose.....

BUSTED! Your Kids Found Out Your Swingers. Now What? - - I actually have expirience in this from the kids point of view. When I was 14 my parents got into it and I put the pieces together myself. There were women coming over and they were having parties that I wasn't allowed to even BE around. I wasn't allowed to meet these people or be at home...my parents ASKED me to spend a night at a friends. So I cornered my mom one day (my mom was my best friend, totally inseperable) and I asked her if they had gotten into swinging. She told me that they had, that it was a hell of a lot of fun, and that she had expirimented with women! We had a long talk about bi-sexuality and alterative sex lives and te boundary we set for ourselves was don't ask, don't tell, and god PLEASE don't let me get that mental image again! Now that I'm all grown up, I'm seeing swinging from the adult point of view and I see the appeal. I'm looking forward to seeing if it's really for me.

Alternate Semi Swinging Site? - FInding the right connections - [quote] Swinging is about equality, and fair exploration. If you say “I get to play, but not you” that’s not equal, it’s not swinging, and it’s not fair to all parties. It’s like calling it eating a meal together when one of you sits down to eat and the other only gets to sit there. Come up with your own name for it if you like, but it’s not swinging.[/quote] And there you have it folks! Swinging 101 from, again, a self proclaimed "Expert". So, what you are saying is... If my wife wants to "explore" with women, and I do not want or desire to be with other women, but LOVE to watch her with women and also enjoy the same room sex with her while the other couple feels the same... I think you are confused with peoples "preferences" vs. some kind of sinister "rule" that one has permission to play and the other does not and that someone is somehow "left out" or "not satisfied" with the situation. Nothing is further from the truth. Dictionary definition... swing·ing /ˈswiNGiNG/ adjectiveINFORMAL adjective: swinging (of a person, place, or way of life) lively, exciting, and fashionable. "a swinging resort" sexually liberated or promiscuous. <---- BOOM ! Kinda sounds like we are "Swingers" to me ..

YOLO Cruise April 26 2009 - swingers cruise - We are a Jax couple....we already added you on our friends list but we would love to chat with others from the Jax area! Pete and Ashley

Age - New to the swingers community - is age a factor in how a couple is viewed? - We are thirties...BUT prefer the older couples...and men...BUT He likes the younger women......(embarrassed giggle)....

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