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Hickam Afb Swingers

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Reject Affair Match - Cheaters are not swingers - What are you guys talking about? What is Affair Match?

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - My 2005 Avalanche with 9 inch lift on 37's

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Where do you get the codes from so I would like to go there one of these times even if it does cost

Is anyone interested in a "Lifestyle only" bike ride? - - We would love to go on that ride, there is a group in MD called SOB, swingers on bikes. Would enjoy combining the two things we enjoy.... we hope to find a few lifestylers on our trip to sturgis this year.

Swingers Kickball Society - - Count us in. Send us the info please. He played Kickball for a European professional league. She coached at the collegiate division 1 level.

Swingers gone bad?? - - Well said Pet4489.

Mormons - - Wow....this topic is a strange one to have on a swingers site, but I guess people are curious about Mormons in the lifestyle. We are LDS, and active at that, although we have never been through the temples, and we do not wear garments because we are not ready to meet the requirements (we could lie and get in, but that to us seems like a bigger sin) Now...the question how to we reconcile what we do with what we believe? Well the answer is simple. We all know when we feel guilty about something, and usually if we feel guilty we need to reconcile ourselves or something in our life. Then perhaps there is something that we need to repent for. We (my spouse and I) don

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Ali, He's just frustrated with me. LOL! I am a mouthy prick a few people would probably like to punch. LOL! I know this guy is a vet, because he talks like one. LOL! I do not take offense to what he said. I think, in reality, by reading him, he'd probably save a life before he'd take one. Let us boys bask in our bantor. -D- P.S. Thanks Ali, you're such the mother spirit.

Other Swinger sites in Utah - Anyone tell us of other sites? - [quote=SUENDAN]Here are the sites we use and our username there. Look us up and we'll show you around (couples only) swinglifestyle.com 2NParadisse. They offer lifetime membership. One of the best sites ever for USA and Canada, eh? aff.com 2NParadisse and DanNSuzy. If you sing up as a couple your membership will turn into a gold membership after about a month. Don't spend your money there on memberships, just wait until your profile turns into a gold profile and you'd have access to everything. We've been there since 1998 lol. Still a very good site, always evolving and we meet new people there often. Met our first couple there. Good globally also a few profiles from Mars. sdc.com FlorDCanela. I think this site is best for the East Coast. We meet people there occasionally. U have to pay. kasidie.com 2NParadisse. not our cup of tea but sometimes good for party info. Some people in SoCal swear by it. reddit.com the swingersr4r and other subreddits FunMachina. We had been super lucky there for over a year meeting couples in their 20's lol. This is a free and unexploited gem. In Spain we used onswingers.com FlorDCanela. very good but limited to Spain and is in Spanish. UK/Europe c4fonline.com - not so good for us when we were in Spain. fling.com some people contacted us from there once. Locanto.com kinda like what CL used to be. Not much going on there. Weirdos. https://www.newbienudes.com/ has some potential. I just have not looked into it yet because we always have something going on when we decide to get out and play. Regular dating apps like tinder, kindle.. you can open a profile of your lady seeking other ladies, just say that you are married and hubby wants to join too. And then... Bingo! You entered the Unicorn Realm! Also non website nor non swinger party contacts: Just take your lady to a strip joint and have her make friends with the girls. This works good in SoCal where girls are less professional. Could work in Vegas but good luck, they are real hustlers there. Also, the wife and I were on a non-swingers date the just 2 of us, went to have a beer and play pool. This other couple was checking us out. We started chatting normally and pleasantly. The girl told me my wife was very cute. So, I told the girl, "my wife just said the same about you, how funny!" Ended up MFMF later at their place. UPDATES: Lifestylelounge.com: use it if is free. otherwise not worth a penny. old profiles, abandoned page. trueswingers.com review coming soon. bisexualplayground.com met a couple there once. Not sure if still up. alt.com seen it looks like whips and chains stuff. Gone but not forgotten: Craigslist Personals. Those were good to meet couples but tons of weirdos. SwingDater.com met a long term couple there. playersxchange.com a buddy's site. gone. swingerads.com We don't do much apps. [/quote]Wow how do you manage being on all those?

Having a Swingres day at lagoon - Swingers at lagoon - yes, we might also be interested next season please add us to the contact list xoxo kk

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