Camp H M Smith Swingers in Hawaii

Camp H M Smith Swingers

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What is up with Utah?! - Swingers in Utah and nowhere else? - Its the hard water. Hard water, therefore..... :)

Motivational Posters - Various funny motivational posters - Swingers

Young swingers party - sold out, who still wants to party ? - Thank you!!!!

Swingle males. What's in it for you? - - Interesting. Thanks for the feedback. So are a lot of the chicks in the hookup scene cray cray? "Copping a pregnancy on the sly" is pretty low. Is it that common? Also, the "stranger danger and blind sexual incompatibility" seems like it would be more or less equally as prevalent in the lifestyle. Not to mention STD's stalkers and cheats. What makes you think swingers are inherently more trustworthy in any given situation?

Florida swinging - Swinging in Florida - we have been swingers fo about 10 yrs now and every time we write some one thay don't answer back or we are not there type

Why Be In Utah? - - Actually I've always wondered the same thing about Florida. Substitute the crazy Mormons for the Bibile thumpers from Orlando north into the panhandle, add in the hurricanes, torrential rains, gaters, snakes and mosquitos...besides, I've heard the snow skiing is HORRIBLE there. But I'll bite. 1) No porn. You can buy dirty magazines but (unless you know where to go) hard core x-rate movies are technically illegal to sell. A non-issue in the internet age. If you're still buying dvd's at the local porn emporium you need to maybe update your computer or your media server or something. 2) No real beer. Again a myth. You can only buy 4% (by volume) beer in grocery stores but you can get full strength beer at state liquor stores, restaurants and places like brewery stores. Try getting ANYTHING to drink in some dry towns/counties in the Bible Belt. 3) True to some extent, although Salt Lake City itself is VERY eclectic and quite liberal politically. But at least our LDS lawmakers know basic female anatomy and have somewhat of a grasp of proven basic science. No kooky evangelicals freaking out every time someone mentions birth control or evolution. 4) Most people are afraid of Mormons? Really? I've heard they have horns and the missionaries CAN be a little annoying when you're fucking and they're ringing the doorbell but I don't think people are truly afraid. Besides, contrary to popular belief the swing scene here is alive, active and vibrant. I'd wager that per capita we have more, and more active, swingers than just about any place you can name. All that repressed Mormon sexuality eventually bubbles to the surface and until you've fucked a formerly repressed little Mormon girl who's discovering her sexuality you, my friend, haven't fucked! :-)

whos your Fantasy girl on swinguler - Tell us who & why and what you would like to do with her - Well being that I have actually met this couple in person, and find them to be the *HOTTIECOUPLE* they claim to be, I choose her. She is TALL with a HARD body and what a great smile, plus she has a sense of humor. Here is the 2004 swingers talk awards and I'm getting a gaggift, as I had double hernia surgery on Monday and went to the awards on Friday.

New Swingers Club in Utah - Gauging interest in new club - We do prefer to play out of state, but if the ambience and feeling of the place was exrremly safe and private then we would attend once a month..at least :)

Swingers at work... - - About a year ago my wife was visiting one of the fast food stores she owns. It is one in the next town that has a full time General Manager and a manager so she spends minimal time there. She was walking thru and over heard two employee talking. Clearly it was about a local swing club but no one but a member would know. She discretely took one employee to the side and asked if they were speaking (female first name) and (male first name)'s party. She was. Ended up that several of the employee's were attending the same party we were going to. Apparently we had all been going but just never on the same nights. Needless to say it was an interesting evening the time where my wife and I along with three of her employees were all at the same party. A little space was given but by the third or forth time we were all at a party at the same time it worked out ok. The no play rule is VERY firm and it is NEVER mentioned at work. Thank goodness the store was eventually sold to new owners so the concern is much less.

Meet and Greet Interest - Meet and greet - Dies anyone know of an active swingers group in Southern Idaho? Magic Valley, (Twin Falls, Burley, Pocatello )

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