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Who is going to Younge swingers week HEDO? - anyone going? - It's already sold out that week right?

Having a Swingres day at lagoon - Swingers at lagoon - we are planning on going sometime b4 they close anyway....we have 5 free tickets we need to use up and they are only good for 2006, so plan a time and we will make that the day we go. Swingers that show up could all wear a certain color bracelet or something...a seceret sign....LOL

Lying About Your Age? - Is lying about your age considered proper? - I know in our area age is a big thing to some of the swingers. We have always told the truth about our age and update it every year and often we get responce to our messages that they are looking for younger people. So I guess that is a reason some of the people lie about there age.

NEW ORLANDO LIFESTYLE CLUB! - Playtyme Night Club 7432 Universal Blvd (behind Wet n Wild) - It's 2 blocks off I drive and closed to the public on the weekends... However, Orange county and Orlando are both pretty bad for the lifestyle, much much too conservative!!!, however if you want to get out and meet attractive swingers, it's a nice alternative to the OBT option!!!

Here's something Ive been curious about - - [quote=DELICIOUSLYWET][quote=EVILDOERS]You can't be a "real" swinger unless you're official. We answered an ad in the back of a Spiderman comic book, sent in a quiz and a drawing (boobs and a penis) and they told us we would be AWESOME swingers and to send them 19.95 plus P&H. Now we're card carrying swingers. If our certification ever expires we're just gonna be plain old wife swappers.[/quote] Did you also buy the x-ray glasses and the Sea Monkeys? Their advertisements are usually on the next page. I did and what a rip-off.[quote=PEBBLEROCK][quote=NAUGHTYELFS]we have discussed this and we feel it is possible for the ever elusive unicorn to be a swinger. however, for our money a single male cannot be a swinger he is just another horny male who is often single for a reason lol[/quote]That's the dumbest fuckin thing I ever heard!! A single (unicorn) female can be a swinger, but a single male is "just another horny male who is often single for a reason"??? What about a single female that's single for a reason? Whatever that reason might be...it's no different. Just different parts. That was such a huge chauvinistic statement from some fucker that's probably sittin home on his couch covered in potato chip droppings, wackin his fuckin pud as he picture-surfs everyone on here!!! It's people just like you that make it so hard for some of these really decent guys to get a dialogue going with a couple at least, or a friendship at best. There's no damn difference in a single male or a single female being considered a "swinger". The COUPLE is the "swinging" part of the equation, not the single...they're just wanting to get they're "fuck" on, male or female, for whatever reasons they might have. So do me a favor...hurry up and get your nut, wipe the chip grease off your fingers so you don't fuck up your keys too bad when your wife needs to check her email, and go hang yourself!!! I have no patience for fucktards like you that have no idea what this really is!!! Play your own game, but don't ruin it for other's that are trying like hell to play within the rules!!! Wanna borrow a rope???[/quote] Are the two of you, perhaps, being a bit reactionary about this thread? Pebbles I would agree that many if not most everyone involved in someway with the swing scene is mostly trying "to get their fuck on" and I appreciate you honesty, but to offer the guy a rope? Either he or she or both made a reductionist statement about single men. Their opinion really only spoils a single males chances with them and only them. Remember guys with the big sabers don't need to rattle them and the ladies also read these forums and the ladies usually prefer a gentleman. Peace people, peace. [/quote]You're right, I was a bit reactionary and over the top. I guess I get a bit defensive for the truly respectful single males out there. And YES we have them blocked, but only because Pebbles is into girls and very close relationships right now. Thanks for reminding me to tone it down a bit. Peace babies!

Vegas Next Week - - Anybody gonna be in Vegas next week? Gonna hit up our first Swingers club. If so hit us up, let's hang.

Help us out.. Take this Survey - For Utah Swingers - Done

Adulter or Swinger? - - Well, I struggled in the begininng of our journey into this lifestyle with my values and whether this was right or not. I grew up in such a staunch religious family as most ppl in Utah do (GRIN). I didnt feel as though I was a "cheater" because my husband obviously knows and participates, I also didnt consider myself an "adulter" for the same reasons....we just consider ourselves to be "swingers" hehe straight up, bottom line, we are swingers. Is it right to do so when you are married or single for that matter?? I dont know, I think it is an individual decision and how you feel about it or about yourself. I know ppl outside of this circle of swingers would most likely turn their nose up to how we live or rather how we spend some of our spare time. Especially living here in Utah, and in a very tight nit, religious town where there is a church on every corner, and a bishop on every street it seems. However, this is how Mr. Stitch and I feel about it. We are not cheaters, or adulters (maybe by definition but not in our personal dictionary) we are occasional SWINGERS. Some call it a lifestyle....for some it may be. For us we dont consider it a lifestyle only because it isnt a way of life for us. We dont make it something that we live to do by planning our lives around the LIfestyle Conventions, or other parties, or vacation sites (not saying that any of you do make it your whole life, cuz I know most do not). We dont do it every weekend. This swinging stuff is something we do occassionally. We are more in this type of thing to meet open minded awesome couples that we can hang out with and things of a sexual nature are welcome, but it isnt something that we expect everytime we get together. This is why we dont consider it our lifestyle rather just a recreational hobby that we SOMETIMES do. We dont feel that it is a moral issue/problem because we do it together, we have a great time, it has made our relationship tighter. We have discovered a better appreciation for each other, and our love for one another has grown. We are more confident in our sexual desires (especially me, Mrs Stitch) and it has made us better lovers. We communicate more openly, and as odd as it may seem it just overall has made our relationship improve. Now that may bring up a whole other arguement upon some of you, but I know that we are not the only couple that has experienced this new found love,appreciation, and confidence in your relationships. Back to my point......we feel that unless or until all this recreational swinging that we do ...makes a negative impact on our love/relationship or until it causes problems between the two of us then we will rethink our decision to do such things. Some of the outside ppl may ask...."well, why would you put your relationship out there for there to be problems....doesnt this open up the door for problems" My answer to that is....."Absolutely!, it does open up that door for inviting feelings, problems, desires...etc, but only if you let the door open" You have to communicate every feeling, desire, problems...etc. we make this about EACH OTHER...he doesnt make it just about him, or I dont make it just about me. We always do things together it is decisions we make together with what we do, and how we do it and until it does cause problems that we cant handle then we are going to keep on swingen without remorse or guilt of whether or not we are adulters/cheaters.... How dare the neighbors down the street or the single female friend who sleeps with everyone judge us for having openness in our relationship....it is something we do together, and when we decide to quit we will quit together. Lets be honest, we are all humans with sexual needs/desires and married or not you still have them. At least we can share those desires and needs together and experience those things together....therefore never leading us to cheat, or be an adulter.....not that we ever would anyways, but we may have thought about it ,which in my mind is just as bad!!!!!

ogden meet and great - - It seems having it in a "closed off" area just invites scrutiny. Look at habits, its not private but they had meet and greets there for years. You can have one at any bar, just a group of friends out for the evening and then if you do run into someone and they say "there are swingers here..." you just go really? where? lol

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - Posted By: TPAFUNLUVNCPL2 Reply posted on: Jan 8, 2008 - 6:10 am I would like to point out one thing, when you are a single male you and you are straight and you want a couple then you bring nothing to table. You have nothing to offer the husband of the couple aside from a show but you are asking the man of the couple to share his wife with you with nothing more then a thank you in exchange, in most cases single men have a gf or wife but simply do not want to risk sharing them because they are afraid of losing them, having them leave or know thats what you want to start doing or will be trying to do or they do not want to take the effort and risk and time to get their partner involved. Maybe that is it. They are seen as takers but not givers. Also the acts of some of their kind is seen as rude and pushy. Say "No Single Males" in the profile but yet they cannot understand that. Maybe that is why they are all lumped into a bad group. No positives, for most people and a few negatives and you have a bad listing. I don't think so. People have talked about the "risk" factor time and time again. However, what is to say that the partner won't run even if you don't "risk" them?

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