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Now that you're one of them there fancy swingers... - - Banbury Cross?!!? They make those fucking things at like 5 in the morning. They aren't even still warm by the time they open and you eat one. You might as well save yourself the trouble of trying to digest it and just throw it directly in the toilet...like a Hot Pocket.

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - [quote=Hornynhappy76]Lol , we’re here now.[/quote]So are we!

Creating an Amazing Swingers Profile - How to market yourself better - [quote=WBOARDING2]holy shit... that is way to much for us to read, and or want to perfect. guess our profile can remain maybe average at best... but we did love the readers digest version just 2 posts up... [/quote] Your profile is actually extremely good. =) A+!

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - You might as well just drop off this site, DON_JUAN_QUIXOTE, who's going to want you now? It 'doesnt matter how attractive you are, or how intelligent you think you may be... when youre not a nice person, you're disgusting. Obviously you just joined the site to get your kicks out of browbeating people you feel are inferior to you. As my mother used to say... "If you cant say something nice, dont say anything at all." You, DON_JUAN_QUIXOTE, are an ass-tard!

International Swingers Day - How are you celebrating? - How was it? We're thinking of going in the near future. Where y'all get a room at? Close by the club? I'm not familiar too much with slc. This is the Mrs. C btw 🙂

Polyamory - three (or more)-way RELATIONSHIPS - Hi.Well I have read all the posts and thought I would post as well. My wife and I are poly. We too are just at the beginning of a poly triad, our second. The poly life style is hard to define due to the fact that there are lots of combimnations. With most of the posts I would have to agree with all that they said. Dont keep score, but most of all be honest with everyone. In our expirence take things slow and one day at a time. In one post it was said that holding hands in a mall was not taken well.... who cares! it is your life if you are happy then what is the problem. in most cases the on lookers are probably wishing they had what you have! Our first triad lasted 4 years. We were all young and she ended finding the man of her dreams and they got married. That and as abit of a twist they are swingers. As far as suport as a poly familly look at poly groups on facebook. We are members of Polyamory Edmonton. It may not be close to you but we are all open and willing to talk!

UFO's - Your Opinions Please... - Being one of those that firmly believe that with all that open space up there it would be a terrible waste to be truely all alone. I have seen in my life things that I can not explain, I am hoping that when contact is made that i am one of the first to make their greeting. Or...........................we may already be here watching your kinky swingers parties and your highly erotic couple and are just waiting to make our move???????

Memorial day weekend swingers party in tooele. - (READ FULL POST) Hosting our first party the weekend or memorial day on saturday the 25th - Ok so attempt 2: after we tried for the 11th only to have my wifes work made it impossible to do. We are now having our swingers party on saturday the 25th during memorial day weekend. This will be a super chill atmoshpere and will not be a massive open door party. We have a few guest already but welcome some more for sure. This party will be at our house in tooele. We will have several rooms set up for hangingout/playing. Along with drinks and naughty games as well. So please enjoy yourselves. That said, there are some rules and disclaimers that we want out there 1) if you play use protection. We will have latex and non-latex condoms for use. 2)No means no. If a couple or single females tells you no do not push your luck. 3)this is a party, come to our house ready to hangout. Not to fuck. We have neighbors and lives. 4) any rooms labeled do not enter... do not enter. (Mostly our kids room and the garage) 5) respect each others rules. If a couple wants to play but shes not into anal then no anal also if there is someone not wanting to be recorded or pictured then dont. Disclaimers!!! 1) alcohal is available that being said we expect a very late night if you need to crash or sober up please do so. We will not be responsible for drunk drivers so if you cant drive sleep or better yet fuck it off ;-) 2) we are not open to single males!!! We have some already in mind if we feel we dont have enough couples. They will be contacted if we should allow it. Dont contact us asking to join. You wont. 3)this is open to all couples but we are in tooele. If your willing to make that drive then your welcome to come. If you live in tooele all the better. 4) do not reply to this post saying "i'm in" directly message us please Thats is all hope to see some of you there

You might be a swinger if - Anyone know where it is - http://www.swingersdateclub.com/swingers-jokes/100-ways-you-know-youre-a-Swinger-Blog-40345.html

This lifestyle - What are we really? - Great thought out comments to this posting ThoughtGarden, and we have to agree with you 100%. We love (but don't ever think that would be romantically- LOL), and miss you guys. A good topic to discuss. As for us, we count ourselves as "Fantasyers" that have things we want to experience and do so with the people that we enjoy (and or love) spending time with. Swingers (hard core) may be at one end on one leg, and Poly may be at the other end and on another leg, but we like being at the "Y" and in the middle, whatever that is labeled. :p

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