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Game ON....which sign is Hornier...(is that a word?) - zodiac signs of swingers? - kathy is a aries jason is a leo

Swingers In Uniform - Pay your memorial day respects here. - I don

swinger ? or not. - - I am a widower. My late wife and I were swingers in the Seattle/Tacoma area for years. I remained a swinger when she died. A year ago I moved to be close to my grandkids and even though I would like to continue, the clubs out here don't want single men; even if they have 25 years experience in the lifestyle. Find me a private party though, and I will be there.

Isn't It All About Marketing? - Interesting what people post in profiles and pictures - I find all aspects of the lifestyle interesting. One of the most interesting is what swingers post on these types of sites - who they are, what they are looking for, and their public and private pictures. Isn't it all about market ourselves? I will not make any judgmental remarks here, because we should not be judgmental in the lifestyle; however, sometimes I wonder what they are trying to communicate. Because I am a professional website designer I probably look at things differently, also because I am a voyeur I like to see good quality images - ones that show me something about what can be expected in sexual play. I also wonder if I am reading/seeing more in things that are posted than are really intended - i.e., personality, intelligence, playfulness, etc. Thus my questions: Do people take the time here to make a good impression? Are they trying to open doors or to close deals? Do they do well at marketing themselves? Do you have opinions about what is good marketing on a swinger site? Cheers, Charles for Lauri and Me

Verified "Real" People - - One of the biggest reasons I am in the lifestyle is because everything that I know from the couples, sf and sm I associate with. Is it is wrapped in honesty, trust, respect and dignity. The swingers I hang with must be the most amazing out there because this is not allowed with any of them

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - man what a bunch of whining little babies we r being, highway and virgin, u make me laugh, i never once called name and look what is going on i think some one has issues, some might be right u might go to a party but u r not going to get into a discussion before u go back to there room to en joy fun, but sex is on your mind when u go to a party for swingers, come on be real.BTW TR if u do not like tasteless pic that is your problem , keep bringing the comments and for all who wanna keep slaming me KEEP BRINGIN IT. i still think if u don't wanna talk about sex in a sex place that is made for sex leave and go some where else little. topics that r funny is fine but things like death and crap like that go watch tv and STOP talking and bringing other down it is not made for this site i guess u can not finger that out can ya! :v :v :v :v poor things

Discretion a Must?!? - Let us know - i can understand why some people try to keep their pics out of site out of fear of losing their job or somehting like that . i wish the world was different so people could just be who they are and not worry about it . but i understand some feel they have to becareful . we go to alot of parties and people are always taking pics with us , so i tell anyone that wants to hang out with us to let us know up front if they dont want their pics to be taken so i can watch out for that and try to make sure it doesnt happen . but what gets me is when people wont put any kinda of pic up what so ever .there is ways to block your face or stuff like that . but some dont even put up any pics . i dont understand that . when people write us and they dont have a pic i tell them to please send me one i dont even care if the face is covered or whatever i just need some kinda of pic to see who tehy are . iam not trying to be mean or piss anyone off but most of the people that dont want to show their pics are either very over weight or very ugly .not all but alot . i wish people would realize that there is always someone that is right for u .so just be who u are and find those that u will click with . there is alot of people that try to keep them being swingers a big secert . from their family and firends and people at work . so there is alot of people that wont show their pics unless u ask and they know they dont know u already . and their is alot of fake people and people who are just wantitng to look at everybody else and not be known . so most of the time i dont bother with all of them . i think u should have to have at least one pic of each person that is on the profile . face covered or whatever . but at least give people something to go by . naughty dreams freaky kitty

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - I like to join the group I been off for alittle bit , is time to jump back in see Familiar faces :)

Hotel Check In - - Anyone who works in a hotel for more than a few months will see some pretty freaky shit. Swingers are probably kind of mild compared to some of the things that they encounter.

Alternate Semi Swinging Site? - FInding the right connections - While the commonly used definition of swingers is: couples who swap with another couple, it's all under the umbrella of Open relationships. It's a gradient, like many things to do with sexuality. We're not traditional swingers, but have on occasion. Some people like full swap, some soft, some like to cuck or be cuckolded (is that 'for everyone?' Sure, if everyone involved is getting something they enjoy and want out of it), or woman-on-woman play between couples. As long as it's open, honest, ethical and not coerced, and is enjoyable and emotionally healthy for everyone involved, go have your flavor of fun! We love being around sex-positive open-minded people, and if a situation happens organically, it happens. Completely enjoy doing same-room/own partner or girl-on-girl things, and become flirty partysexuals. And, we LOVE voyeur, exhibitionism, kink and sensual play, and usually have a few fun situations going at most parties, and even more so privately or in our smaller, more intimate gatherings. We love to watch, be watched, be around sexy people, even more so as the clothes come off, and find that threesomes are what we organically find more often than other situations. (She's bi, and dated women exclusively for a decade, so loves pursuing that) Do what works for you and makes you happy. Communication is key. Definitions and expectations can sometimes lead to miscues, so say more up front about what you are looking for and find those who are interested in the same.

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