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A&E New show about swingers... - neighbors with benefits.... - I have not seen the show, may never watch it. I did read a review that pretty much says it is stilted, poorly done and appears (gasp) scripted. *******Spoiler alert******* They already have quotes for the "Christian" couple, with the guy making pronouncements that this behavior is immoral, against the bible, etc. And Brittany is sending sext messages to one of the other husbands [i]BEHIND EVERYONE'S BACKS[/i],so that adds the "drama" as that is discovered, with her husband crying about the deception. All very covered in BS. Interesting that these people all live in the same small development, did they include this as a feature in the real estate ads (We have parks, recreations trails, community pools and group sex all covered by your HOA fees!)

KUTV News Story on Swingers - News - Just clicked on the link evil put up and than clicked on Heidi FB and shes got a few new post on there even this Forum of current content. So does this mean we are going to keep it Discrete and welcome her into the lifestyle of fun secure relationships?

Gym Fantasy - anyone else get turned on while working out? - We go to Gold's in Bountiful and there are some major hotties there. And some of them are swingers! :-) So fun to get all hot and sweaty and pumped and look over at someone else doing the same and not just imagining them naked but actually knowing what they LOOK like naked. ;-)

Small town fun - - Maybe you could plan something with other swingers when you are travelling or have a out of town vacation on holidays and swing during it.

questions,thoughts, opinions, - Cousins, or family at parties together? - Lol so it sounds like we all need to have a swingers family reunion and instead of swapping wives we all swap, families. Lol

Indiana sub cocksucker for Alpha - Sub needs trained - Good luck finding your alpha daddy but i think I speak for a lot of swingers go find it somewhere else! Maybe a gay site!

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - We have an amazing group that get together often it is awesome, but unfortunately we are in Lehi.

Christain Swingers? - - COOL THREAD!

Pink flamingo - How many swingers have a pink flamingo in their front yard? - Whiskey_girl, I wonder if that ever happened to me and I was oblivious. Definitely will start paying attention now 😁

At what point do you out yourselves to family and friends?? - - Most of our long-term friends know we've always had an "open relationship" (and the guys are all jealous LOL), and a couple of my wife's close girlfriends know about the nature of the "clubs" we go to on weekends sometimes. (We've even managed to play with one or two of those friends ;) ) As for family, we'd never tell either side. Hers would have a real hard time I think, my siblings are younger than me but not kids anymore and probably wouldn't care. I'd say both sides would be comfortable with a "don't ask, don't tell" philosophy. Just a comment on Dr. Ziggy's post - we're the "live & let live type," and we're not at all ashamed of what we do. We wouldn't care if the whole world knew if it didn't affect our lives, but the reality would be very different, I'm sure. A new swing friend once asked how I'd feel if our kids became swingers one day. My response was that, if they were making a responsible decision when they did so, that I'd hope they find as much enjoyment in it as we have. He said that was the first time anyone had ever given him that answer, and it was the one he was looking for.

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