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Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - MY Summer 1977 MGB with original 68k Miles fully restored. Taken above Capital Hill.

Honesty? Really? - Posers/Liars - Oh my...SUCH paranoia! Does not everyone wish to advertise themselves in the best and most attractive way possible (at least MOST)? Is it truly THAT hard to give the benefit of the doubt? Personally, my experience has been that NOT everyone is out to lie, or even malicisouly mislead others who may peruse their profiles. Seriously people, it's not some grand conspiracy against those who may consider themselves "above par" from the common swinger-folk. Even those that might come across as being the most critical of others, and who consider themselves the "creme de la creme" of the Swinging community, are not immune to even the smallest of imperfections. It is unfortunate that many that are the quickest to point out "flaws" in others...would seemingly have plenty of "flaws" themselves, in the eyes of onlookers of course (beauty/non-beauty will always remain in the eye of the beholder). NOBODY is without these so-called "flaws". Here are just a few examples of what I have personally witnessed being balked at AND often possessed by those that balk, during the course of my journey in swinging.... -Stretchmarks (gained perhaps through puberty, pregnancy, breast-feeding, working out, weight gain, etc.) -Moles -Asymmetrical bodies (so-called perfect symmetry does NOT occur naturally, not even surgically is it possible) -Skin blemishes -Errant hairs growing unknown on unseen parts of the body -Birthmarks -Skin discolorations -Premature aging of the hands and neck areas -Unsightly cuticles and/or nailbeds -Man-hands (on women) -Feminine hands (on men) -Hobbitesque feet -Cankles -Crooked smiles -Yellow teeth -Green teeth -Unattractive gums (gingivitis) -Crooked teeth -Unsightly gaps in the teeth -Psoriasis -Eczema -Dimples (yes...in perhaps all four cheeks) -Cottage cheese (yes...virtually everyone manifests this when sitting, squatting etc. to some extent, perhaps unknown the them. Sorry, it's just the nature of fat; even the leanest of people have a thin layer of fat that can pucker in the right position) -Inverted nipples -Crow's feet -Spider veins -Varicosities -Breasts that have lost the battle with gravity -Poor breast augmentation -Beer bellies -Love handles -Double chins -Halitosis -Funky body chemistry manifesting as an unpleasant odor -Smegma -Dandruff -Obesity -Over weight -Under weight -Too many bony prominences Ok...I think that's fairly comprehensive and you get my point. Obviously, Swingular is not going to put a categorized "yes/no" checklist as comprehensive as this...even though the most discriminate of Swingers may expect it. There are many different ways to be unique AND "attractive" (and of course "unattractive" as well). Basic Psychology might suggest that the way that we view others, whether we find beauty or ugliness, is simply a reflection of how we feel and what we view ourselves to be, and of course, speaks clearly to our relationship with ourselves. Honesty is a completely subjective phenomenon, and those that share honestly about themselves may be viewed as being dishonest by those who are expecting or fearing to be mislead. Please don't think for a moment that I am pointing out what I either like or dislike; many of these I actually adore and find quite charming. Personally, I think it's the uniqueness of everyone's body and body habituses that add to the overall attraction and uniqueness of every individual. Finally, please don't consider this a personal attack on the originators of this thread, or any of those who have shared their personal tastes in partners thus far. All are entitled to their opinions. Peace.... ~J

N by N Campout - Thanks for a Great time! - "this one time, at swingers camp" haha! I forgot about that Sweetnspicy93..thanks for bringing that up..that's awesome. OK...round 3 I believe..Figured out how to get to the picture album for those of you that were at the campout and I remember or you hinted as to where you were in the camp ground and what not. You should be able to view those now. Again if I do not know you or remember you I do apologize for my memory is a wee wittle thing. If you give me some idea as to where you were or what you wore (nope scratch that, you may of not had anything on..lol) anyways let me know..have fun and be safe

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - Would be interested. Always ready to meet new people and have new adventures 😉

I have seen all these hot couple on web page but....... - - I have been signing in lately and notice all these hot photos of swingers on the site. The photos are of swingers on the site and I was wondering if a gal could find them without searching a million pages but by just hitting a hot button or clicking on the profile photo some way? Any help out there? Firegirl66

Real Swingers Nasty Play Party Saturday the 14th - Cum meet couples that like to play in Draper - Start time is 8pm we hope to have you cumm

The New Neighbors Are Swingers - - Thanks for sharing.! Those are Amazing 😁

Lifestyle RV Parks & Campgrounds - Does anyone know of RV parks and campgrounds for those in the lifestyle? - Check out www.Floridaswingparty.com They host parties at a nudist resort every once in a while. We know the owners of the resort and it is not a swingers resort, but there are an aweful lot of swingers that go there.

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - [quote=2Gemini]Dress code for unspoken[/quote] Thank you

Why so much hate in the swingers world... - - "now.. waiting for the attacks.. which usually come from those who feel inadequate, inferior or cannot make a rational decision.. " Kinda like what you just did eh? LOL! "I find it quite amusing as well as revealing how some of the comments made in this forum by some mebers are diametrically opposed to their previous posts." Could it be personal enlightment? "now.. waiting for the attacks.. which usually come from those who feel inadequate, inferior or cannot make a rational decision." According to who? You? lol. Replies are welcome in a forum. If it were not in good form to reply to your drivel, this would be a monologue with your delusional ass talking to yourself. Well, that's just the first part of your day. This is the second part. It's called a dialogue, unlike the personalities with in your dementia, we have our own voices and opinions, born in other perspectives. ;-) -D-

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