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Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - only done it once, but would love to try it again. any volunteers

Memorial Day Weekend - Las Vegas Anyone? - Long weekend -- Let's make the most of it! - We are planning on going to Vegas for the Memorial Day weekend. We're looking to sun, fun, water (pool or otherwise), and play! 1. Which hotel do you recommend for partying and/or meeting swingers? 2. Who else is going or interested in meeting there? 3. Or...would you recommend on making the trip to Lake Havasu? Ideas, thoughts, invitations, and fun ideas welcome! We have Fri to Mon off and want to make the most of it. (Evildoers --- we will be deeply disappointed if you don't have something amusing or funny to say....please add your 2, er, 25 cents!) :) Thank you all for your input and ideas. (So many fun and good people here!) [em]Emo_16[/em]

RECOGNIZING OTHER SWINGERS - Outside of clubs & parties. - The wrist bands are for swingers at resorts and parties to know what each person or couple is into at a glance.. They use to do it at HEDO and I've heard of a few cruises that did it as well... We have talked about doing this for parties at a nudist resort so all swingers will know who the other swingers are. Some nudists get pissed if you chat swing with them... I have googled it and see it both ways... I have also heard that LOWES and DEPOT sell flags with Pineapples on them and some swingers use these as markers for house parties.... I somehow, cannot see walking up to someone at the grocery store and asking if they swing!! The pineapple I think is a very good idea...

Search abilities for international swingers. - Just a suggestion. - Hi. Good to see that we are not the only ones that like to see intenational couples on swingular. Yes, we joined swingular for the international touch and hope to stay there for a long time. We are not only interested in ex. dutch swingers living in the USA, but in every swinger couple worldwide. Its so interesting to get in contact with international swingers. They still belong to our best friends. And having contact with a native swinger from another country, whats a better way to learn more. A swingers hug from the NEtherlands. BEa and Alex

Moab Utah - Swingers in Moab - [quote=Hornynhappy76]Lol , we’re here now.[/quote]So are we!

Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - Interested as well

who starts? - - You would think, as much as the phrase [i]communication is key[/i], gets bandied about people would really want to actively engage in communication. It would seem natural that the more experienced parties would take the lead in discussing how things get done much like flight instructors explaining that when the oxygen masks drop from the overhead compartment, you place it over your head, secure the elastic strap and breathe. However in this lifestyle that couldn't be further from the truth. The problem is that if there is too much chit chat then someone is always in danger of being dumbfounded by the use of a big word. It's hard to be sexy when all the blood is now rushing to your head in a desperate attempt to draw upon a vocabulary that just isn't there in the first place. How do you get around this? Well, I certainly don't need to explain the folly of having a dictionary next to the hot tub. This is why it is strongly encouraged that swingers incorporate healthy role-play. When trying to get that new couple to first base it's best to stick with the basics. A good old fashion game of Neanderthals...ahem, excuse me, I mean cave people. Then the fun can proceed upon simple phrases like, "You look good" or "Me touch you now?" When becoming aroused you might say, "Oooh, this is how make fire," or "I look in hole for water," to facilitate cunnilingus. This role-play is especially helpful to those who don't have hot tubs, or who may have suggested strip Uno because they thought a

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - We don't live in Utah, but we do have a couple of corvettes! I have a '04 ZO6, black, and my wife has an '06 convertible, black, and we also have an Escalade EXT. We are members of the East Tennessee Corvette Club, and will be going to Bowling Green, KY the year to the museum, if you would like to see us there. I don't know which car we will drive, but we will be out for some FUN!!![em]Emo_29[/em]

What to wear to a swingers party??? - - my wife tries to find stuff that looks sexy and nice and is easy on and off or cofortable rolling around in, sexy shoes are always easy because you dont' need to stand much. I wear usually a nice shirt and slacks.

can we swing and still not be in sin ? - - Since I've been sucked into the swirling vortex of this thread, the only way I can feel like I haven't been robbed of the last 1/2 hr (give or take) of my life is to add my .02 Ok, I know I could just chalk it up to that which doesn't kill me only makes me stronger, but adding my input seems more satisfying. I'll start off by saying that if you are doing this much research regarding religions and what they allow or don't allow regarding sexual activity it has to make me wonder if you're seriously considering converting to another religion just to save yourself the guilt of sin brought upon by whatever religion you happen to be at the moment. All religions have been formed and molded over the years by people. People who are not perfect, who have their own agendas. A sense of right and wrong doesn't come solely from religion. Many religions would like you to think that in an attempt to keep you in their camp and they'll be more than happy to tell you what is right and wrong for the rest of your life (in case you can't think for yourself). But if you have to switch religions just so that you can sleep at night after a fun-filled evening of swinging, you have some other things to figure out. Or perhaps you should just start you're own religion, where you can make all the rules. In any case, I think its fairly safe to say that most religions believe quite strongly that those of us engaging in the swinging lifestyle are sinning by engaging in immoral activities, just cuz they don't use the actual word sin, doesn't mean anything. Its just more politically correct these days to say immoral. In any case though, they most certainly believe that we (swingers) will most definitely be going to a very special level of hell, a level reserved for... (sorry, narrowly avoided an obsure pop culture reference) As for me, yes I believe there is a God. And one of the few things that I think is accurately stated repeatedly in the bible is to love thy neighbor and I'm more than happy to spread the love around in whatever way/shape is available to me. -SG

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