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Single Males ~VS~ Single Females - Whats the difference? - Since it has been brought up several times here, let me add my cents worth... I have attended swingers(as a single male) meet where only a few selective single males were invite... we were ask to pay 70 buck to enter where a couple was 30 and single female 10... Oh did I mention that we had to wear glowing armbands? and could only approach a female with a glowing armband, unless other wise invited to join??? What got me was the part where 4 single females came in, and not one had an armband... so tell me... what the hell did I pay 70 bucks for?? To me its a rip off.. I think that if females come without a male than they should be fair game for everyone, just as the men should... No is No... and if there is only a selected single males then where would there be a problem??? The bottom line is... these meets don't want single males to be involved for some reason... hell, I've gotten laid a lot cheaper than what I paid to get into the meet... and that included dinner driving and the whole nine yards...lol But whats the difference???

What is is with local couples? - Anyone else seem to have the problem with couples local to where you live NOT wanting to meet? - Common decency...What is that? Ignoring someone's email seems to be the way to NOT say they are not interested...Seems plain old rude...especially when there is an easy no thanks email already written for you on here... Anyway...If you ever get to FL SWMTCPL...We would not ignore you ;) Also...he thinks there are a lot of "fantasy swingers" on these sites...they are all about the fantasy...BUT when it comes down to it...they are not ready or willing to do anything...Rather than say so, they ignore you...Just HIS opinion

Traveling - Finding other lifestyle couples while traveling - Anybody know how to locate swingers in other st ates?

Single Females/couples. What makes another couple stand out? - - [quote=Marman]What makes a couple stand out to you? We are new and VERY inexperienced. We aren't sure how to be noticed. How to connect with like minded individuals. What draws you to someone's profile? What makes you message them? What keeps you interested?[/quote] The situation in Utah is different than many other localities because there is not much of a club scene. By that I mean swingers clubs, most large cities have at least one or more. These are places where you can meet friends to have sex or fool around or even make new friends. They are very popular in Houston, we have 5 clubs. While its not what we like many younger people do like them. You probably will not meet a single girl but you could meet a couple or single guy. Some couples prefer swinger resorts or cruises for sexual activity with others. We prefer dating other couples and getting to know one another over drinks and if everyone agrees then getting naked and exploring our boundaries. Of course attraction is the first thing we notice but how a couple expresses themselves in their profile really makes a difference for us. Parties are also a great way to meet people and meet and greets are also. We have no problem emailing couples we are interested in or think we might be attracted to and we probably get a response 10% of the time and maybe end up meeting less than half the time. Usually if we meet something happens sexually if everyone agrees and is having fun. Your profile reads well and you are young and attractive. You need more pictures of the both of you even if they are just fully are partially clothed. One pic is unlikely to get the attention you seek. If you want to start with a single lady your chances go down significantly because there are few of them out there and they get to be particular on who they choose to meet. With single men its just the opposite, there are many and they will mostly meet anyone. Look at some of the other profiles and see what you like and try to incorporate that into your profile. If you decide to be really particular on who you meet then you will probably meet fewer people. Patience and a sense of humor about the whole thing will go a long way in helping you have fun times in the lifestyle.

Small Towns - - The most Mormon swingers are in Utah? Who'd a thunk? I've heard there are more Mexican swingers in Mexico than anywhere else. And I was told by a friend in the KGB that the FBI has one of the highest rates of crossdressers of any spy agency (started with J. Edgar Hoover and well...). Oh and they said the NSA was all a bunch of ferret molesting hermaphrodites. I put in that last part because it's true and because the NSA is reading all this stuff (down in Draper at that big ass spy building) and touching themselves inappropriately while doing so. And they've prolly made copies of ALL of y'all's naughty pics and all the fat geeky computer nerds are jerkin' it to all of our swinger photos. Hey NSA dudes! Don't you wish you knew what a real vagina felt like?[em]Emo_67[/em]

So you think only single men can be crude? - Guess again - Here's a classic: (I've never posted a private e-mail before but this is a REAL goober, he didn't have time to read our "Noval" but would like to fuck me till I pass out) From: WELOVLIFE Subject: No subject Date: August 6, 2006 (9:15 AM) Hi Mrs Fun I did not have time to read the noval, but I can keep it short and sweet. If you want hot sex then e-mail us. If you want a big dick in you than e-mail us. If hubby wants some good pussy than e-mail us. If you want to fuck until you pass out by all means e-mal us. Barb & John

Now if "John" had read our profile he may have figured out we might not be the best couple to send his "Shell Station Graffiti" too. We have to block all single men because they have a few goobers among their ranks, what happens if we have to block couples? Answer: Maytag-Repair-Man Swingers R- US (Lonely People)...

Utah Meetup group - - [quote=COUPLEFORFUN1115]Maybe everyone bring a box on unicorn ceral as you ticket in!!![/quote] Rookie mistake... you may need to review our extensive post on “swinger and unicorn bait”...the cereal is what unicorns EAT, not a swinger identifier...upside down pineapples in a grocery cart and black rings is the universal signs for swingers. Perhaps a clinic on such things is in order?🤔 Unicorn Whispering (Trapping 🤫) and Swinger Signaling 101. 😉

Moving to Utah - - We have lived in Cottonwood Heights for over 10 years. It is close to two canyons several ski resorts and there are swingers all over this zip code. Great views all around. We used to live in downtown Salt Lake City near Liberty Park. There is more diversity downtown and more night life but you are deeper in the inversion layer more days of the year. Nice thing about the whole of the Wasatch front is you can be most anywhere you want pretty fast.

Swingers in the Mountains - - Is there really a swinger's convention in Alta right now???

WHERE'S THE FUN IN PARADISE - Where are all the fun swingers in Hawaii - I've been back in Honolulu now for almost a month, and hardly see any forum postings about parties or get togethers here in paradise. What gives people? Isn't Hawaii supposed to be paradise? Fun in the tropical sun? If there are any parties or get togethers I sure would like to know. I'm respectable and very respectfull of others. I know the proper etiquet in a party situation. Just hoping that people who are swingers that might travel here know where to go for fun.

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