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Swinging and LDS... - Are the two compatible? I know this is a huge can of worms... - [quote=SIREROS]I find puzzling the judgment of others by those that seem so adept at mental contorsions as some of these people have clearly perfected. [/quote] There are cult books out there that show how and why any human can get stuck in these logic loops, even if they weren't raised in the church they can get stuck in them. And its especially hard if it's something you were born into, your biological urges screaming at you to disobey it. And the fact is the LDS church has given so many different commandments over the years that it is very hard to follow them all. 1) no pool tables 2) no playing cards 3) no rated r movies 4) may wear only 2 total earrings, but they can be 2 pearl. 5) only get a tattoo if you are polynesian and your cultural heritage commands you to get one 6) to be in a bishopric or higher, the only facial hair permitted is a neatly trimmed mustache above the lips only. May not go below the corners of the mouth. 7) girls have to wear pantyhose to church, naked legs are not allowed (bless that 70 - love pantyose) You should really look into cult dynamics to understand how the human brain locks you into staying in a cult, especially if you were born & raised, and every family member is in it, and how it can happen to anyone of any intelligence level. And being in swinging might be a good way to help them learn to be more open in their respect for others. I know several swingers who got out of he LDS chuch by swinging.

Mormonmomtok - Tiktok mormon swingers - Agreed! I think it's just a bunch if attention seekers really. Swinging shouldn't be drama, just fun and enjoyable

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - Wife loves dp and dvp. Makes her squirt intensely.

Swingular still active/ legit? - Looking for couples or singles - [quote=MEOWMIX10000]This site is overrun with Single Males whos sole purpose in life seems to be posting Dick Pics. Actual Swingers are few and far between here. I would wait and see how the site update is before paying money. [/quote]AWM. lol 😂

Seeking mormon swingers - - Don't feed the trolls!!!

Hosting a swingers Party - - If you send an invitation through evite dot com paypal will collect money for you if you so wish.

couples more [oft ] ask for couples or single females. why is th - - Since I have been on both sides of the fence I'll say this. Aside from male insecurity and those that are know that they are. However, 1. As it's been said earlier in this thread, most single guys are not swingers/lifestylers. They are crudely put , just looking for some ass!" When meeting a single guy and you're having a conversation about the lifestyle ask him if he'd have his girlfriend or wife par take in the activities. I have found that many on average would not. This leads me into my second point. 2. There is a certain lack of respect on the side of the single guy. I recently went to a swing club and you could always tell the difference between the single guys that were in the lifestyle for real and the ones that were just there for a good lay. That disturbs me greatly when I see it. Most single guys don't get what it's all about and they come off with this smug, arrogant, vibrato as if to say "Sure dude, I'll fuck your wife/girlfriend since you can't please her. You're just not enough man for here. Let me show you how it's done!" Oh give me a break! Now there are some guys out there that get it and if they had a significant other he'd be in the lifestyle with her. True some guys are just losers but I think that we can all agree that this lifestyle is not for everyone and finding that partner or special someone to enjoy it with you can be a little difficult. Just like it's difficult sometimes find people that are already in the lifestyle to meet for a fun evening. So, I'll end this with saying that couples that are leary of single guys have every right to be. However, I don't think you should lump them all together and just write them off. It's a case by case bases.;)

birthday list... - only got thru the b's..... - We made it half-way through the B's and finally took a break! WOW!!!!! We will remember August 18th as the most popular day for swingers' b-days!!

Scuba, Nude Beaches, Swingers - Scuba, Nude Beaches, Swingers - If you aim is other than to be seen by others we know several deserted beaches on the south shore of Jamaica that you could have an all day beach orgy on....never seen another person there and have walked for miles.

Have you noticed? - Admin. doesn't give a SHIT!!! - [quote=EVILDOERS]Hmmm, yeah I think everyone has noticed but I'm not really sure that it makes all that much difference at this point. Swingsites are slowly dying and will, in the not too distant future, cease to exist...at least in the form that they're in now. The swingsite that was basically the model for Swingular (And ADMIN got kicked off of when he started Swingular.-LOL) is more or less a ghost town at this point. We're lifetime members of both and the other one used to have a HUGE, vibrant, swinger community that was pretty much nationwide and now there are just a handful of people who actively participate in the forums and other features on the webpage. Swingular won't be too far behind (What is Utah, like 5 or 10 years behind the rest of the country? LOL) and even Kasidie will eventually succumb to the pressure of other types of media and even easier ways to connect with others. Additionally, many younger "swingers" are simply bypassing swinging altogether and just hooking up with other people without giving it a label or having any kind of formal community. *shrug* In the meantime, Swingular has become more and more just a venue for people to peddle their services and/or place redundant "classified ads" seeking what they've already stated they're seeking in their profiles. LOL [/quote] Evil your wit and sarcasm never cease to amaze...and I mean that in a good way. You should start a thread on your predictions for swinging in the future. I am sure it will be amusing as well as insightful.

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