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Port Alexander Swingers

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Looking to establish a group of safe swingers - - Quite the response.

Party Pics... - Pictures of Swingers Parties etc... - Chilly...

Alaska Swingers - - Does anyone know what website or local hang out there is for the lifestyle in Anchorage Ak? We're new here and would appreciate any help.. Thanks

Swingers cars??? - What ya driving?? - 2003 Chrysler Town & Country Limited MINIVAN...now that's a "babe magnet" if ya ever saw one! LOL! We're always joking around with our Harley couples that we can at least have an orgy in our vehicle. Bwahahahahaha! ;) One time for my birthday, Candy gave me a FMF for my birthday. We had to go pick the girl up which was 1 1/2 hours away. We took the middle seats out and layed down a double sided mink blanket. Within minutes of picking her up, the girls were kissing and had each other's clothes off in no time. Needless to say...The Longest Drive In My Life!!!!!!! LOL! But STILL, the best birthday present EVER! ;)

who's spouse do you want to fuck - - THANKS Recon for putting a blog on here that is about swinging, for swingers, and FUN to read!!!! FINALLY, what the blogs on swingular should be!!!! And thanks Sexypants, besides you two, Funsaltlakecouple, hotcouple00_x2, ramic180, recon, smedine, stillhotinpoky, jjswingin (and the list goes on) we can't think of anyone else we would rather play-with-pink-parts than with each other...Ha Ha Ha!....There are so many pink-parts....sooo little time!!!!......xoxoxo L

International Swingers Day - How are you celebrating? - I hope to celebrate

The Hunt Club of Brevard is in the news - And I thought Utah was a news hog - this subject opens a can of worms.... there is alot of heated discussions... but this is by far a favorite of mine... basically in a nut shell .. like the popos stated there wasnt anything illegal going on... just a bunch of snooty neighbors thumbing their noses because they feel they can...just because "Swinging" isnt socially accepted as of yet... i state that because of the fact as society changes and evolves more widely things are accepted... now in some states they legally recognise gay and lesbian unions, marriage as lawfull comitments as hetrosexual unions and marriages and both spouses are entitled to benifits as male female marriages so its going to be interesting to see what evolves the next 10 years.... like ive said before... who is to say what is normal and acceptable as a society... all we have is learned values and been told what is right and what is wrong... what if for the last 2000 some odd years someont told us that multiple sex partners while in comitted relationships and or marriages is normal and acceptable.. thus people would now have houses where like minded people whom only wanted to have sexual relations with their spouse would go to have fun... and indulge in what would be considered their life style and swingers might be protesting them... so who is to say what is normal and acceptable..... some pompus un informed tight spinchered duff some 2000 years ago and people started believing him and followed suit..... not to ruffle feathers but for over a century F-LDS has belived in poligamy (a whole diferent subject) but they had a good start on passing beliefs down through generations.. but when they allegedly involved minors they broke laws set forth by our forefathers and thus brought into light their beliefs... but thats a interesting mixture of church and state.. church's beliefs vs what the state says is the law....whole new subject but back on topic.... id love to open a club here for one i dont like my fuggin neighbors... and two... its intriuging... those who know us know what i mean when i say that... im working on a play room at work... that has alot of things too big for most peoples houses... but then again a new topic... but the hold up on a club here locally i dont feel there is adequate support in this area... alot of ppls in this area arent as open as sara and i... we cant get fired or ridiculed at work... then again those who know us will laugh at that one... but back one last time to the topic at hand... we need more places to open their doors to groups of like minded people to get together and have fun and not be pushed around by snooty neighbors so people realize "OUR" groups are here to stay and will be soon accepted in societys mainstream..... and be whats considered as the "NEW NORMAL"... a far cry n a hopefull wish... but as accepted ya itll happen as enough people come to light. and as a new normal maby in a few thousand years... cool... dennis and sara

Lifestyle vacations - Best place for a lifestyle vacation? - We have only been on one. We went on the Bliss swingers cruise in March and it will be real hard to take any other type of cruise again unless we are with family. It was clean and classy. Clothing optional on the pool deck and a ton of activities. We had an absolute blast.

Now that you're one of them there fancy swingers... - - Maybe. If they're like Krispy Kreme and hot and fresh out of the fryer. But I specified day old donuts from like Smith's or Albertsons. Wait, Albertson's became Fresh Market right? And the paper said Dick's bought the Fresh Market in Bountiful. So does that mean they're going to call it Fresh Dicks?

Serious questions from a newbie.. - - It's never happened to us or anyone we know (that we know of) For many Swingers we trust only people in the lifestyle to know that we are Swingers, but still have to be cautious of who can gain that trust. It shocks me that anyone would try to offend the trust through drugging. We will continue to trust those who know us and consider you friends! I'll even share my drink with you. NOTACROWD

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