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What sets you apart from other swingers - Lets see whos looking for what. - I am a SINGLE man, the dredded, the bashed, the most ignored, how can you be a swinger, the blocked, the most unwanted, on every swingers site. OMG!!! LMAO! What sets me apart? Where do I start? Could it be that I'm a head taller than 99% of everyone in the room, club, crowd? Could it be that I've been told I have nice kissable lips? How about my sense of humor? My initials are B. S. lol Is it because when actually invited to a private gathering, that I hear the men and women saying *damn he is big, and only 3/4 erect!* lol Yes, I've heard it, No I dont think so! Could it be my BIG hands with LONGGGGG fingers, and size 14 feet? Is it my long guns, my uncut abs, my 38 inch bird legs? Maybe it's my ability to go from goofball to Mr Handyman? Oh yes, I know, it's because I can 2step, 3step, c/w polka, jitterbug, whip, waltz, c/w cha cha, east and west coast swing, double two, dallas progressive, ft worth shuffle, freestyle to rock n roll, disco, hiphop or rap, or the fact that I can twist/rotate my hips/ass as good as any female stripper!? LMAO Maybe it's because I'm a biker? A Big Rig driver? A Cowboy? A professional business man? Wait! Maybe it's because I can read people, their moods, their wants and desires, their needs, their minds, simply by paying attention to the look on their face, their body language, the speed of their walk, their hands, how they're dressed, the sound of their voice, or their laugh... I dont know that I really am better than the next man, or that I even want to be! I am ME, I will always be ME, I wont change ME for YOU for any reason! I find people either like me, and enjoy being around me, or they dislike me, and do their best to avoid me. This site seems to be based in UT, another site I'm on seems based in TX and FL, still another seems based in the UK. I wish I had a job where I traveled, I would enjoy meeting most of you for a drink. Iron aka Scott P.S. I'm open to comments, and opinions...

Do you have be like Barbie to be wanted? - - what i will tell you is that on these sights lots of folks look at the pics and judge the book by the cover. I know for fact that alot of folks don't even bother reading the profiles some may read part. We have had more fun in local clubs ( swingers type clubs ) where you get a mix. Confidence is a big thing and it doesn't take much to shake it. Just remember this is a place to attempt to meet folks , try to find some local groups or clubs that get together and see if that works for you. If you do go to a club do not be a wall flower again nothing happens if you sit on the sidelines... I will agree with everyone else tho, most of us got into swinging as a couple and 99 % of the guys are gonna want to participate not just sit on the sidelines.

is it true about swingular??????????????????? - - An offshoot... Some history and info that was very interesting to me. My Dad, who has been a swinger for over 30 years, said that back in the early 70's (back when all they had to hook up with was a couple of magazines!) the 2 hot spots for swingers were California - Duh! and Utah - What? So our Utah motto is "The church keeps repressing them so we can keep undressing them".

Barbies nude boating - - I see on the swingular home page a link to Barbies totally nude boating. We love pics and the such of swingers in action. It seems to be a good sight. But, has anyone here ever joined that sight? And if so, is it any good?

Where are you Playing July 4th weekend? - Share your favorite places. - Up at the property in Pinedale with family. It would be better with a bunch of swingers but Pinedale is great

UTAH - Best Clubs - - Hey all you fun Utah people and those who have visited Salt Lake City. Where are your favorite clubs to party or just enjoy some dancing and a nice drink? With or without other swingers. Where does everyone go when there are no parties happening. Let us know.......

Men, oh men, where are your pics... - - Sooo agree with this!!!! We hate when we see a nice looking female, then nothing of him. As much as my wife loves me, she is never going to play with a couple until she gets to see what she can play with too so it is not an "unpleasant surprise" like the one time we rolled the dice...lol . We don't even contact anyone anymore unless we see both. We have tons of face pics in the private album, almost to the point where someone asked if we were "really" swingers because that is all there was, Now we have body parts in there too,:) Women, be proud of your man and show him off!!!!!

Fantasy Fest - - We already said we're going, but one highlight will be a C/O Sunset cruise on Wed the 27th, that based on last year is the most fun, erotic, wildest time at FF. It's being organized by a group from another site that are mostly swingers. Not much money, and only a few hours with all you can drink. I hope some of you heard about it, and are going. You could ask us for more info. Sure hope to see some from this site, and know your from here. R & K

Why Be In Utah? - - The Mormon culture is Thick and repressive, winters are cold and the air is filthy. What makes Utah great in my opinion is the country. From deep dry snow only moments from the main population centers,to world class rivers, spectacular desert country. Utah, despite It's crazy rules and history, is a very beautiful place to be. And there is a pretty crazy swingers scene.

Talk radio and swingers? - - Hi all, Just wanted to invite everyone to listen to SwingTime. SwingTime is an internet radio show. We talk about swinging and everything sex... You never know what to expect from sex facts to sex trivia. We are an interactive show, you can send us messegges on AIM or MSN. We can be found at WWW.realvariety.com Monday nights 8-10 eastern.

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