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PICTURE SURFERS HANG A 180 LOL - - Here is one for ya......Has every one been seeing those ads , on swinger sites mind you, that say "We are looking for friends MAYBE more". Did they forget what site they were on. This isn't the place to be "wishy washy". If your here you need to be serious and not waisting serious swingers time. If your saying MAYBE you should take a little more time and be very sure that this is for you. Does anyone agree?

trying to pick a place to honeymoon - - The guy and I are making plans for a wedding and honeymoon, hopefully later this year. I say Florida, and he says Utah, cause it seems like all the swingers live in Utah. Any suggestions?

9/11/21 NCL cruise to Alaska - Any swingers cruising along with us. - Are there any swingers cruising to Alaska in this cruise. Cruise ends the 18th

Habits: Vanilla or Not? - How to tell the difference? - [quote=DANDDMONTREAL]We went to Habits last night because multiple people have mentioned that it's a place that Utah lifestylers like to frequent. As we expected, it was generally difficult to tell the difference between lifestylers and vanillas (though we did recognize a few people from various events). We have no interest in offending a vanilla by making undesired advances. Nor are we looking to flip vanillas. That's just not our thing. We're really only interested in meeting stable couples that have experience in the lifestyle. So the obvious question is, what tricks do people have for differentiating lifestylers from vanillas at Habits?[/quote] This has been asked here many times before... here's what it boiled down to: 1) You can't tell by looking. 2) If you really want to know, you'll have to ask them. 3) Despite the fact that maybe 5% to 10% of the people there are swingers on any given weekend, it's not a swinger club, so if you're trying to meet swingers, it's very inefficient. Sorry.. wish there was a better answer.

I Have A Question - Poly vs. Open - [quote=PAIRPLAYERS][quote=EVILDOERS]Thanks for the responses so far. I thought of a couple of additional questions. Are you seeking, finding and connecting with other open/poly people here on Swingular or are you finding people thru other means? Also, do you find that most of the people you connect with are single or are they in their own primary relationships? Does it matter much to you if they are single or coupled?[/quote] Great question. Almost exclusively non swinger community singles surprisingly. Have tried amongst the swingers but they seem to have a very quid pro quo mentality. [/quote] Yes, they do! We noticed that dynamic almost immediately when we first entered the lifestyle and were actually talking about it just today in the context of no quid pro quo being a distinct positive in the column of open or poly lifestyles vs. swinging. SO many times when I was even just TALKING to a woman her partner or husband would basically go grab Ms. Evil, no matter what she was doing or who she was talking to, and assume it was perfectly okay to just do more or less whatever he wanted. After all, I was doing something/anything with HIS partner! Wow! Great responses everyone. SO informative! Thank-you.

Vanilla Party pickups - Vanilla Party pickups - I doubt it, unless they are already in the lifestyle and attending as vanilla. I have known people that were not in the lifestyle do it with someone that they have known for a while but you would not consider and they do not consider themselves swingers. So maybe it is possible. If it happens to you let the rest of us know.

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=ORALODYSSEY]Both DP and DVP are incredibly fun! We love it and it is so hot!![/quote]Average size guy here... fits all warm wet places.....DP and DVP...Apple pie :O

Young Swingers Myspace Swinger Party@Club Hedonism - - Hey Guys You have eplained your involvment and you did not have to but it did clear it up for those that wondered. Now that said ok you young ones go have some fun sounds like this cpl will take care of you and the club is sposed to be HOT! Hope its a great turn out and please do post. Enjoy the night, and we were just funnin with yas you know that! Hugs to you bothe Traci and Pat

fantasy football league free trying to get only swingers in leag - free autodraft fantasy football league - I am so down to play. Or at east learn to play

Respect...Needed? or just forgotten. - - The various points that have been made are well taken. We have been approached by people who are rude or crass. Typically it is a single male, often married pretending to be single or the de facto single male -- half of a vanilla couple pretending to be a swinging couple. I have several observations: This single male is far more likely to be a trial member. They have little or no real knowledge of swinging and it shows. They don\'t expect to be invited to join the couple or single female they approach. They simply find a cheap thrill in the crass sexaulity of the rude note they send. (I suspect they type them with one hand.) If given the oportunity (which their approach itself precludes) they would not play. Don\'t confuse them with the polite & respectful single males that are a part of swinging. We jokingly refer to them as hard-ons. They think because they once had a hard on -- they are qualified to swing. My FAVORITES are the ones that will \"let you watch\" or \"don\'t mind if you joins in\" as if somehow by their offer alone -- Belinda becomes theirs. You will see them at the clubs. Somehow they come up with the courage to go to a swingers club that allows single males. They are the males that hide in a corner too afraid to approach anyone or they are the males that come into the room with attitude written all over them -- as if saying \"I paid my fees -- who do I get to fuck\". If he is found out, the male half of the vanilla couple will stamp and stammer and claim that either he has his wife\'s permission or that she is cold and he is not getting any at home. Given their approach to sex. I have figured out, at least in part, why they are not getting any at home. I was raised by a very southern, very polite, Daughters of the Confederacy -- mother. Thus I had to endure the suffering born of numerous catillions or formal dances. Everyone knew everyone at the dances. Everyone knew that everyone was there to dance. But you went through the rituals of an introduction and small talk -- prior to dancing. While this analogy ignores the aspects of friendship that are a part of swinging. I have found that the manners I learned at my mothers knee have served me well in swinging. (Don\'t ya know that would shock the hell out of her!)

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