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Discretion, the better part of valor - I love that saying - It's a tough one. Women will ALWAYS get more action here than men. Sex is theirs when it comes to power and control. The "you can only get as much as I can get" has never worked for us. But our situation is a little different in that I travel a ton for work so when I'm home I can't see spending what little time I have with someone else. And being on the road, I don't have time to get any action. So the equality in playing separate isn't there. As a result, Mrs. Sexperimentor doesn't play without me unless it's another woman. That's her choice and a bone thrown to equality, which I appreciate. As for the issue of not playing because you're afraid you'll run into a playmate in your vanilla life... To me that's horse pucky. The person you run into will be at just as much risk as you of being "outed". You'll have a lot more in common than a whole lot of other people you meet. And if you have a little discretion about who you play with, you'll have similar attitudes on how to conduct yourselves in a vanilla situation. Actually, I don't think we have EVER, in all the years we've been doing this, just run into anyone we've played with. There are people we've known to be swingers but haven't played with that we've run into, one lady I run into frequently, but life in the lifestyle has never even been discussed in vanilla settings. I hope this isn't your situation, but the last couple I knew that would play separately but not together, with a story told essentially the same way you told yours, didn't end well. She was more interested in having other romantic relationships than she was in maintaining her marriage. Frankly, while playing without my wife is fun, and we share the tales and details afterward, I'd really rather play as a couple. Our playing together has enhanced our relationship and that's what I'd encourage you to do. Mr. Sexperimentors

Sexy swingers closer to our age - 20-30 year old sexy swingers - Why hide your faces be proud of who you are and what you are

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - We're going to be there tonight.

We have heard about it many times........... - Couples that are swingers - BINGO.....and the winner is: UTFUN well put!! happy NYE...get laid. Mr. diver

Disneyland swingers - - We just got back from Disneyland. too bad.

swingin - thought this site was a swingers site - he started it

How Do you Find Out - Question about Friends - For the most part, DON'T ASK... There are WAY more NON-SWINGERS in the country than swingers, so your chances of your friends being swingers is slim. There are a few things that will point to swinging. Check her closet. If there is allot of club wear the chances are better. Ask about their vacations. If they mention a place like HEDO they are pretty much swingers.. If there is a couple you would like to play with you can create a fun night and when things feel right, ask if they have ever thought about swinging... Keep in mind that not all swingers want to be KNOWN due to family, friends, jobs etc. Good luck... ... Steve

Potential Swingers Article(s) or Television Series - - I'm with a large national media outlet that produces both written and video content on a variety of subjects. We've thrown around the idea of an article, series of articles, or television production about the swinger lifestyle, particularly in the Salt Lake area. Singles (male and female) and couples that are currently in the swinger lifestyle. People from all walks of life, ethnicities, backgrounds, body types. We'd like to explore why people are attracted to the lifestyle, both from a couples and singles perspective. What keeps them in the lifestyle? Has it helped or hurt their relationships? we want to get their stories about the best and worst experiences they've had, and maybe most importantly, what the process of meeting someone is like, from initial conversation to consummating a sexual act. We want to know about different lifestyle fetishes, parties, and relationships. While entering a project, we don't like to go in with the goal of presenting anything in a particular light, but painting the lifestyle in the proper positive manner. If you are interested in sharing your stories, experiences, parties, or want to give access to your relationships, we'd love to talk to you. Please send a direct message with a bit about yourself or yourselves. We can respect your desire for anonymity, but prefer those that are willing to share their names and faces (although not a requirement).

Discretion a Must?!? - Let us know - We live in a small town (small town, small minds, big mouths and notorious for it) but we chose to post our pics, face and all and haven't had anything majorly bad come from it. The few times someone did recognize us they were nice enough to email us at the site they saw us on and saysomething to the effect of, "We saw you out and didn't want to bother you (as usually it was us having a nice dinner out), but we wanted to say hi here... etc etc.." That's a great way to handle it, folks! That way we can enjoy a nice dinner in peace (imagine having someone say they saw you on a swingers site in front of your religeous cousins visiting form out of town or something!) and later look up their profile and see if it's someone we might be interested in or not. One of the few "bad" things was that a co-worker's husband (who also works with me) spotted the profile and either didn't bother reading my profile or didn't think it applied to him, got his little hampster wheel in his head turning and started messaging me. Long story short - she's pissed at him and we're pissed at him.

Having a Swingres day at lagoon - Swingers at lagoon - Hell yes.. Sound's fun!! Let's to it next summer though!!!!!!! kisses Amanda

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