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Chefornak Swingers

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Swingers Dares - Text for cards in the game - The blindfolded one is Lucky Number 13 with a twist... It just sounds really good! We've added yours too TNB. Thank you.

Discretion a Must?!? - Let us know - I've always wondered why people won't post face pics on sites like this.. If your boss minister, cousin, neighbor sees you they are there for the same reason. If you are worried that there is someone that is not a friend might do with pics found on a site like this restrict the viewing of them. I'd love for a neighbor or "city official" recognize me.... I've got nothing they can hurt me with but they could be hurt if they were nasty.. Look at the positive side... you may find out that the couple up the street that you've been lusting after for 5 years are swingers and you'be been close friends for all that time....

wanting to play - 3 some or more? - It's your zip code. Everyone knows there are no swingers in Rigby. The hotbed of swinging in Southeast Idaho is Rexburg and St. Anthony...and possibly the greater Malad/Preston metro area. If it were me I'd put a personals ad in the BYU-Idaho student paper or the jobs board in the student resources center. Something along the lines of "Hot sexy couple seeks young nasty co-ed as live in love slave and sex toy. References required. Please sext a naked pic and a list of your fav postions and kinks to TATTOOCOUPLE11."

Small Admission Fee - Come join us but pay a small fee - God I love a bashing party and with nothing to do can't resist jumping in. Even though I love to be a smart ass sorry Dave I can't bash you, you did nothing wrong by defending yourself against this garbage post and have harmed me in no way so maybe another time. As for the rest of you that have spoken wisdom and given me the right to express mine I thank you. Now Mav I would like to know how your created such a following with your words of wisdom or maybe it's the smell of horse shit that attracts them. You have made a total of 6 comments. First Comment I'm all about helping cover hotel costs but "bring a bottle and a small admission fee of $50" seems rather excessive. Shouldn't the costs of the room be divvied up evenly? This seems like prostitution to me. OK I was the dumb one here thinking it was a legitimate question and answered it not knowing you were about to name and judge someone you had no right to. Now your second comment I love and my favorite reason to bash anyone that chooses to make newbies feel stupid then feed them garbage that makes no sense.. I wonder how many good people left the site thanks to you. I understand newbies can say some really dumb shit at times but unlike you I try and give a real answer GILDETHRILL wrote I would say $50 is fine for single guys! To help pay for the room cuz all your really going to be doing is fucking the woman that come and 90% of the time men out number the woman! But if there was a party that the woman out numbered the men, then the woman should pay to cover costs! Spoken like a total nube. Member since August 2014. Mav you said. No, it is not all right to discriminate. If you like that scene, go for it. Or you could have some class and hold out for the couple/single/group that truly appreciates you. WTF are you saying he is discriminating against women, men, money? Did you tell him anything that made sense at all? Now my answer to you GILDETHRILL would be why don't you do one for yourself and tell all the women for fifty bucks,,,, no wait for free they can have you. Well I think you can guess within one how many will show up. See women don't think like us men and have the urge to stick anything that will spread their legs. It also is why an event charges double for men and free for women, it evens things up a little, if it was the other way around a lot of single guys would be standing around with dick in hand wondering where the women were. Now number three and your legal advice all I have to say is next time I need legal advice I would ask the horse your sitting on before you. WOW! Never saw the lawsuit angle coming. I'm not surprised often but DAMN! Totally got me. Just remember everyone, the single most effective defense against libel is THE TRUTH! You can't be sued for saying what someone ACTUALLY did. So, feel free to post away what was said between people. And notice I am talking in generalities. Not giving legal advice, just common knowledge. Your fourth comment came after SheLove wrote Utah people are such tight asses with there money. Where can you get layed for under $50. Really. Grow some balls. You said SheLove, it isn't about the money. It is about sex for money. That is called prostitution. Do you not see that? The lifestyle is not about paying for sex. It is about consenting adults having fun for the sake of having fun. No money involved. Now I'm a little confused because I consider sex a type of entertainment. So I'm trying to think of something fun that wouldn't cost me a dime. Lets see solitaire na need to buy cards, wait after some thought my sock puppet will always join me for free, O shit I forgot to wash it last time and that costs money. So Mav I have to ask what exactly is sex to you anyway, your profile says nothing of what your willing to GIVE a lady to make it worth her time. And so you understand I'm not talking about money. Do you have a big dick, know how to use your tongue or fingers. Or do you just roll over on your back and tell her to please you because it's a womans job and not worth a cent anyway. Next you said Now he is advertising the orgy on craigslist!! Come on now it that the best news from craigs you have to tell us. What about this one did you post it? Its late, any ladies interested in some black cock tonight?8/7 - m4w 25 (University of Utah ) Then comes this piece of work OK, I've had a change of mind based on the opinions presented here. CrazyDave is a businessman like other posts and hosts. I cannot hold that against him. His tactics, well, that is questionable. But others are doing it as well. So, go forth and party CrazyDave. $50 isn't that bad off considering the costs of other parties. A Little Magic: if you DEMAND that I pay for everything to EXPECT sex, then yes, that is prostitution. If you ask me to pay for everything in 2014, then we would never go out. There isn't anything less sexy than a woman wanting the guy to pay for everything. Hike up that skirt and join 2014. You insult Dave, anyone that posts, hosts of parties others. Then called a very sweet lady that has foot the bill for a guy more times than you know a PROSTITUTE. What I don't get is how without a single nice good word about anyone you managed to put together a wonderful fallowing of perfect swingers, maybe you should think about a group of your own called bashing swingers enter at your own risk. If only I wasn't tired I could comment about their worthless bashing and speculation. [em]Emo_60[/em]

Xmas carols for swingers. - - Damnit! [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co_sNTUWRMA]What Will Santa Clause Say[/url]

Girls that are into DP - How common is this activity among the swingers? - [quote=LVDREAMER]THANK YOU, HOTTIEHOGANS....there are some single guys out there who are NOT ASSHOLES. Sadly though, we get clumped into the bunch who are. Nice to see someone knows the difference![/quote] Your Welcome! I love single guys. They are fun most of the time. Only a few I have met are totally weird lol. But overall we have had a good experience with the ones we've met

Here or AFF - - [quote=IFTownFuck]Saw a few posts that seemed to cut out the words/sites. Which ones are they[/quote] sls is swingers lifestyle. aff is adult friend finder, i am thinking this is what u are looking for

Long Weekend - Just wondering what people have planned - [quote=SIMPLEPLEASURES]anyone ever go to Fantasy Swingers Club in vegas. also the the exchange ever get set up there. [/quote] If you hear anything good or bad please let us know. We plan on attending the last week in July.

Go turn on Oprah - re:swingers - We missed it, wish we had known it was on.

Mormons - -


It appears that there are enough swingers that are also believers in a god. Perhaps you should form a more tolerant version to the faith and recruit members. That's pretty much how all the other branches got their start. The believed differently from the "mainstream". Those that believe god or the gods could give a fuck about your sex life should make your own version. Hell you can even write a supplemental to the Original christian bible. If there is such a thing. Anyway, I say do what makes you feel right. If you fuck and it doesn't feel wrong, then fuck. The only people who say it's a "sin" are humans. AG, That just proves that many religions families usually ignore one of the fundemental principles of "God's Intent" and rob individuals the right of free will until they are away from the grips of their families. People feel so dependant on the church because the church is all they know.

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