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Kik group for UT swingers. - Contact me if your interested in joining a KIK group for Swingers - We'd like in too kinkyblueyes

fantasy football league free trying to get only swingers in leag - free autodraft fantasy football league - Hello everyone. This is my other account and the one I used instead of the dolphinwolf one in the league. Just looked and we have 2 more teams available. looking forward to a fun fun season.

Just curious are we the only ones? - Just curious are we the only ones? - [quote=UNICORN73]Black rings? Really?? Soooo how well known is this fact? I would really like something that's discreet but yeah...says I'm in. But if they are vanilla...I don't want them to know at all! Am I gonna out myself to the world if I get a ring??[/quote] The idea of the black ring has been around for a long time. As early as the 60's by some accounts. However it is not generally well known. As such it's very uncommon to see anyone wearing them in public. Mrs. DandD and I have only seen one other couple wearing them and we have only had one other couple notice ours that we know of. It's also important to to note that black rings carry different meanings depending on who is wearing them. Members of the of homosexual community have been known to wear them on the right hand ring finger to indicate marriage when living where marriage was not legal for them. Members of the [url=http://www.asexuality.org/home/]AVEN[/url] community wear them on the middle finger of the right hand to identify each other. Finally swingers wear them on the right hand but not on the middle finger generally out of respect for and, I'm guessing, to avoid being confused as member of the AVEN community.

The vent! - Judgements, I'm so tired of them. - In the recent years I have changed, morphed even, into the person I am today. A swinger. Eccentric, confidant, secure, uninhibited, with a puissant sexuality. What I consider "out of the box!" Open, understanding, diverse. Only within the last year have we dared to call ourselves "swingers" we decided together to change our lifestyle, to change our rules, to change our minds about how we regard each other as individuals. What I have noticed as I have taken this quest into being a swinger, is how the people in and around my life are noticing this change, and reacting with judgements. They live by different rules than I do, they choose to, and yet they still judge. Are these people just unhappy with themselves? Are they jealous? Why are they concerned? I have failed to understand this. Why do they spew hate at me?(I call it emotional vomit) Shouldn't they be happy for me? If these people are already having averse feelings about me and/or my behavior, how will they react to find out we are swingers? I now know why some of swingers only associate with other swingers. To bad for us there are few to be found down here in the south. :( "If you judge people, you have no time to love them."-Mother Theresa Thanks for letting me vent, here's to living out of the box. ~Mrs~

Party on the Hill - - Hey all you swingers out there, we are trying to get ideas for adult party games for the party on April 18th,so far plan on the game (Find the Pin ),does anyone know of any ice breaker games that fit in with an adult swing house party? Any one that needs directions email [email protected] or welovlife on swingular,we heard that yahoo site was giving people problems.Hope to see everyone at the party and remember we have 4000sq ft lots of room if you are driving a long way or just party their self out and need to spend the night. John & Barbara

Swingers clubs in Amsterdam - - [quote=FLJIM]While we are on the subject of recommendations, would you be able to recommend any good clubs in the Houston area? I find myself there semi-frequently these days. Thanks, Jim[/quote] TMZ and Taboo have play rooms have a lot of activity on weekends. Everything but sex in the main room. We have been to The Mystery Zone (TMZ)on Friday nights and it's a lot of fun. Wishes is a swinger friendly bar, no private rooms for playing. Let me know if we can answer any other questions.

seniors - why is it so difficult to find senior swingers or single ladies? -


I don't think you can generalize people by locale. Political position also has nothing to do with tact. Both Dems and Reps can "mud sling" and both can be vulgar. You can't say that all southern people are well-mannered and cordial, after all they still have the highest levels of open racism in their states, to include forms of self-imposed segregation. We know first hand, we moved from the south to Utah. A year in the South Carolina (An Uber Republican State), we saw racism, like we've never seen it. Does that mean all Southern people are ignorant racists??? No, just as it means that not all are good well mannered, polite individuals. The same applies to the more liberal states. Locale has absolutely nothing to do with it. Thinking like that... generalizing... sterotyping is what breeds hate and intolerance. Using these forums as an example; most people that claim that they are above the mud slinging, name calling or other social taboos, are a regular source of it. They are the first to critisize everyone they interact with, yet pull no punches and often hypocritically violate the rules they try to impose on everyone. I've learned that there are a lot of people here that like to dictate to others what swinging and social interaction should be, yet they do not wish to be generalized or categorized within those confines. Regarding the subject of this thread... I think that if you have an attractive quality a "draw" and there is someone available that is draw to said quality, then you will be successful. We all have factors which attract or repel others. Unfortunately, sometimes this is age. Just as it maybe financial means, material possessions, breast implants, flawless skin, sense of humor or a million other things... We just have to keep our bait out their and someone will bite.


International Swingers - Error - We meant 'MOREFUN'!

Secret Swingers Club Ogden, UT - Clubs - Unspoken by the Lucky slice it has a ghost on the door. The LS friendly night is Friday.

Why are single guys being band from all the upcoming parties? - Did some clown out there mess it up for all single males? - First off, let me introduce ourselves, My name is Dan and My darker half is Tasha, one hot chocolate martini :) We have yet to make it out to many parties, as a couple but did manage to do so the other night with tbl and had a blast. Great people, relaxed, no "you gotta go home with me because I showed up" complexes were evident. Having been on both sides of the fence, I actually wrote an article a few years ago called "being swingle", kind of ironic? no? lol. Playing as a single male comes down to at least for me at the time to enjoying threesomes, group, and the stress free situation of "dating". It was easier to hang out with couples who were friends, but in reality, the third wheel complex eventually sets in. There is an etiquette to it. Always add to the party, never look to "loot it", or "steal the cookie" as Tasha puts it. Kinda like showing up at your friends house when moms got food cooking, you know your gonna eat, but don't dare reach for the big piece of chicken lmao. Unfortunately, like all of us at some point in their lives there was that one time at band camp...oops wait, that's another story... back to the point, sometime in our lives we run into the one alpha male super stud God's gift to women who all should bow down and adore...*(pause to hurl)* who just doesn't understand that not every woman at the party wants to, needs to, or even remotely desires to be on his menu. Tasha said it much less kind :) these guys do make an impact, cause issues, and otherwise can ruin the hours of planning and expense that the hosts have put in to see that the party is a great one! Rules should be as simple as an RSVP Invitation, with a Plus one if a couple wishes to bring a single male who they can personally vouch for. It also let's the plus one have someone they can play with and not feel the need to bunny hop the honey pots ;) But I digress, Single guys, its as simple as coming out to the less "house party" type events and let people get to know you, then you may be invited to the more intimate parties. There are REAL stamps on this site, earn em. Problem solved. As for how the rest of us that I know of feel about the whole thing? Swinging is like the intelligent gentleman said before, swinging is for swingers, swingers are couples, wanna add party favors, bring your own...and share them if you like. Personally, and realistically, the couples who play and enjoy this lifestyle together at least have some semblance of security knowing the general family of people who are playing are committed to being safe for their playmates and their spouses/selves. Stepping off 3am soapbox and curling up with a chocolate bunny, think i'm gonna nibble her ear...if I can keep the dog from ear blocking me :) lmao

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